How do I start?

Hi everyone

I have a seed that’s sprouted out of my rockwool cube in my dwc basket. There is currently no water in the bucket. When should I be putting water in it or should I already have done so. I am in a tent and there is a cover over the plant (cut a water bottle inhalf). Should I have water in the bucket bubbling away underneath?

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@peachfuzz or @Donaldj are hydro guys also @Hawkeye_diesel has a hydro grow also
I’m a soil guy but they can get you straight

Are there any visible roots when you put it in the bucket?

You can go ahead and put water in the bucket, I’m sure I’m beating a dead horse, but ph the water and all that goodness. You want the water to be just below the net pot so that the bubbles keep it nice and wet so the roots have to go and search for the water and develop.


Great. Thanks. No roots coming out yet but it’s only been in since Monday. Surprised it’s come up so fast. I’ll ph it tonight and fill it up and post a picture.

Alright, just @ me or I should be around if you need anythin just holler

Brilliant. Thanks

No problem, if I’m not around there will be someone to help. There is always someone around haha

So I have filled the bucket and PH to 5.9 but I have had the fans on all day without any water in the bucket and the temp is around 80 with humidity at 30% which seems to be a bit low. I have a 5" fan through a carbon filter at the top of the tent, a 4" fan on the bottom as the intake and a fan blowing inside which is a little worrysome as it seems from reading the forum that is a little bit high. I am hoping the addition of the water in the bucket will help the temps.

The seedling need to be at the top of the net pot. You need to fill it with my hydroton and leave a little spot for the rockwool and then fill in the rest.
Kind of like this


aahh ok. I just assumed that it would go at the bottom near the water until I saw roots and then move it up a bit. Do i need to keep watering the rockwool to keep it moist?

Well that what about the roots your gonna have to pull them up through it if you go that route. I just fill the water to almost touching the bottom an turn in the pump, the water will splash onto the hydroton and it will wick the water up to the roots and make then search for the water. not sure how to do the rockwool, I’ve never used it before, but @Majiktoker, @garrigan62, @latewood may be able to help with that question

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ok, makes sense. Ill do that now

Hows that?


Looks good to me that’s how I do it, just be careful with her, that stem is very delicate. I would of had the rockwool at the top to where you can see the top of it. It that makes sense

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@Hawkeye_diesel He’s good just like that… sometimes if you leave the top of the rockwool exposed it might form algae…
@Steevo you will need to keep top watering until roots make to the water in the bucket… I would say once in the morning and once at night should be adequate … :wink:
Also just good ph’d water for now… no nutrients… :wink:

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Cool thanks peach, I don’t use rockwool so I wasn’t sure. Teamwork haha

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Awesome. Thanks @Hawkeye_diesel @peachfuzz
I swapped my 4" extract for the 5" ( took some farting about as the carbon filter is a 4" one) and put the 4" as the fresh air input. I saw something that said you needed negative air pressure and I thought that having a higher pull through would do that but all it’s done is make my temps go through the roof. Will be swapping them tonight

Temp was over 90 in there when I got home. Have now swapped the fans over and will leave it for an hour to see if it goes back down.
Ok back to early 80’s and I now have increased the humidity with a bottle and a small flannel tucked in the top and then laid on its side so hopefully the humidity will go up a bit.

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That looks like you too got it right to me :smiley:
Good job.

Thanks. Its grown about an inch today so hopefully its all great :slight_smile:

Its looking fine.

Humidity is still a bit low at 31% and temps are a bit high at 82 but its within tolerance I think. I took the top off and the cage is dripping so I know water is getting there and the cube feels moist so it all looks good I hope. I got some root nutes when i purchased the dwc but think its a bit early yet. Once the roots get to the water is the right time I suspect.
@latewood @peachfuzz @Hawkeye_diesel

The support on here is amazing by they way. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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