How do I start a new forum post?


kinda unfair how can some of us like me reply to posts if is my first frow and i know litle to nothing about it i joined here trying to get some help how can i increase my trust level?? and evry time i ty to create a new post i got this error You are not permitted to view the requested resource. any idea why it hapens evry time i try to make a new post to request some help

will try here might some one see it and help hehe

t im sory to hask help as my first reply but im a compleat noob on this, (my first grow) tired of to buy shit to the cornor dealler tought why not plating my own
so with google has helper i started after few 3 weeks some problems started to apear on my plants first on one now all the 3 have simmilar simptoms the basic infos oof what im using
light hps 250 W 30-35 CM from weed top, PH 6-6.7 used bottle whater so i dont have to balance the ph as fertilizer bio grow 1.5 ml/L 1 time week BactoHemp 1 time week soil well a crapy one from a agro storemy big mistake i gess) composition dela eorganic matter 40-50%
nitrogen 1.0-1.3% potassium 0.8-1.1% calcium 0.6-0.8% magnez 0.1-0.2%
Temperature os 19 ºC/26 ºC light on/off e humidity 40-50%

PS:this is auto flora dont know if realy matter on diagnose

the problem started on 1 plant on top new leaves geting yellow but now all the new leaves and other plants comes like this on photos if some one can help realy apreciate it

it folows 2 pics for the diagnose


Describe the issue? here then
In order to make new posts you have to read others posts comment and like etc. This keeps us a community by encouraging people to help each other and learn from others experiences not just our own you don’t need to know answers to be supportive :slight_smile:


You’ve got to read around and post on topics before you can be granted access to start your own topic. How long have you been on here (when did you join)?


just now a friend told me this is a good place to find help i can comment the posts but will look like spam becouse im new to this my knolege is limited to google hehehe


Oh ok, that explains it. You’ll have to spend some time reading around and commenting on other post before you will be able to post your own topic. It is like a fail safe to protect the fourm from bots and spammers, I believe I read by hat somewhere


Relax it’s not spam it’s getting to know other growers
The bottled water is likely major contributer to the problem as is ph control are you testing ph or guessing?
Edit : not iron

far more likely


best explanation I know it’s frustrating to new members at times


tested on whater that comes from whater at botom of container also i used botlled water as PH 6.5


then you are on right track next suspect is being root bound which can have a similar appearance over all. How big pots are you using?


40 cm large 35cm deep

edit 1: cant reply anymore only in 24H but only edit well the problems is on tips only and in some edges and i notice some purple shadows in the darkest leaves not sure if it help


took me minute to convert to inches pot should be sufficient at they’re size most likely magnesium if yellowing is between veins only you can judge check the link I added up top


Hi All,

Beginner here - first plants about 5 weeks into flower and looking good, though recent issues have me a bit worried. Hoping to create a post later on but otherwise may have to hijack someone’s thread… :smiley:


Welcome to ILGM forum @Anjunabeats, you’ll find here amazing poeple who are willing to help and share information :grinning:

Hope that you’ll find a way to create a topic (grow journal) if you need any help, ask for it :grinning:

Hoping that’s helping you Anjunabeats,

~Al :v: :innocent:


Hey guys just got clones and dipped them in clonex bought a clone machine with a heating pad but the pad doesn’t seem hot when I touch it is it suppose to be hot to touch or no? I don’t know if the heating matt is broken or what. Thanks


a better name is a warming pad…you don’t want hot, the plant’s will cook slowly, dry out and die at temps that you can feel. I had the same thought that you did when I got the mat…is it working?

The plants loved the warmth.


set a thermometer on top of it to make sure it is working if you want


I’m still trying to figure out how you even post your initial questions or statements…


Welcome to the community @GinaGale. Click on the categories and go to the beginner section and find the topic you to know or ask aboit. If that makes sense. Let me see if I can get you better directions haha


can I ask u a simple question? i want to know why my order is pending? what does that mean


@Lungsmoker You need to send an email to support. It is included in the email they sent you. I think pending means they haven’t shipped it yet, but why? You need to ask them if it has been more than a couple days. Remember they don’t ship on weekends and they don’t run a 24/7 shop so sometimes it takes a few days.