How do I start a new forum post?


same problem here first time grower and cant post a question to get help I need very frustrating need to plant soon:(


you need to improve your trust level by reading posts liking commenting etc. You may even find in navigating posts you may find some of the answers you seek?


Thanks guess I go to my old standby YouTube lol


You are posting it is a security way of doing things it’s a little slow to start but if you’re on the site a lot liking things commenting then you will be able to get to talk more without being frustrated and not understanding why it’s not letting you post your post are going through start throwing some likes and you will earn badges May take a little time but well well worth it I promise you that


I moved up pretty quick by just reading and using the search option. Dont give up on it with just some reading you should get there soon


Hell on this forum over a year not even sure my trust level lmao I know when I first signed up I spent days just reading and every new topic and old I still do same thing read or glance any topic I haven’t read I just find learn lots on my own and wierd places tidbits all over old and new topics


Thanks will definitely start going in. Tired of jumping from site to site to find answers👍


I cant either I did get into environment. So I asked there, no response yet.


Yeah as your trust leave goes up
Which by being involved with already started topics it wil, go up quick
I was able to post shortly after joining but you need to be involve
Once you get enough trust to start one go up to upper right of screen next to icon badge three side way lines click that
Then new


be nice it it was more clear from the start. id like to start a new topic asking about my new plant. but meh. Guess ill just reply here and there and say yo if there a section for greetings. lol


Click ilgm logo in top left hand corner it will take you to menu on right side you’ll see button that says create topic, click that and your all set. Welcome to ilgm @Reggie, there is no lack of help and we are the best forum out there and the people here are pretty friendly


No, there was no option. not till i posted the reply here. then it showed up. you have to reply at least once to something. once i did that it started to appear. And i looked all up and down this site when i signed up. it was NOT there. lol


I know what you have to do and I mentioned something because now that you have responded here you should be able to…


Ah, Kk, Thanks.


Your welcome happy growings if you have any questions feel free to ask we are happy to have you here


DID you ever get started? I haven’t been on line for a while but your name does not look familiar. We can help if you have problems ! Jerry


Did you have any luck figuring out how to post a new question? I’m new to this site and can’t figure out how to post but ik M concerned about my plants and need serious advice lol


Hi, I wanted to post about my current grow, but am being told I do not have permissions to do so. Would a moderator be able to help with this I did purchase directly through ILGM.




I think that you have to spend time reading posts and responding to a certain number before you are granted that privilege.


Your options are increased as your trust level is increased read and reply you’ll be limited to replying due to being new however in time this will change.

Welcome to ilgm we are happy to have you here @Krazedjunkie