How do I start a new forum post?


Everyone does something different I personally use for Foxfarm ocean soil going to get the nutrients as well if it’s anything like the soil outstanding I’m doing a grow with nothing but the soil Just pH the water between 5.5 and 6.5


I’m a beginner on in door grow how long from seed “germ” to harvest running 24 in veg and 12 in flowering


@Born1977 it’s my first indoor too


I’ve placed and order with ilgm anyone tell me are they really legit


They are fantastic and are legitamate


I just received my second order from them them no problems. 11 days on the first and 12 on the second and so far every seed I have germinated has made a plant . Love this place


I second what @Oldstoner said I placed 3 orders no problems totally legit no matter where you live for the most part


Hi, am new here, I know this is kind of offtopic question, but do you deliver seeds and fertilizer to Sweden? :slight_smile: Could not find information about the nordic countries in the list :. That is why I am asking <3.


@Tuvstarr .you need to contact @ILGMsupport for that kind of info .


Hi, ok thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!

I’m not sure if you’re a new grower, or just starting out, but either way you will find this to be a great community of people sharing a common passion.

If you need advice, or are able to offer some, we look forward having you be a part of the show…


I need to know what wattage of fluorescent tubes after germination. I have 1 warm and 1 cool, 32 watts each. Is this too much? The closer I set these, the worse off the sprouts like it. The tiny plants stop growing after about 4 inches high. They aren’t dead, just not growing. Weeks will go by. Am I placing the lights too close too soon? This is my third attempt. Very discouraged. I hear so many conflicting things.


Welcome to the forum!

You actually have too little light.

I would like to offer you some reading material…
Many different blogs that can answer alot of questions.

And also make sure to download the grow bible. Free and will help as a go to reference for those times that you can’t get an answer fast enough…


I am a beginner a terrible one, did cultivate last summer 4 plants they got almost half decent. Did try this autumn but the plants just withered down, think it is because of lack of sun :. Even regular plants do not like it. Gonna collect a lot of seeds and retry when I got better stuff like a proper lamp for flowers :). Thanks for the welcome [:blush:]


Thank you so much! This will solve my biggest problem. I thought the complete opposite. Again, thank you very much for putting me on the right rack!


We live to learn and hope to pass that on to others. I help when I am able. I’m glad I was able this time.


Hello im matt and new to this community i now started my first indoor grow about 2 weeks ago and some issues are beginning to pop up and hoped i could share some things with this forum and to hopefully get the plants better. Butt i can 't make a new topic already read other peoples advice butt still doesnt work can somebody help me please??Matt


Yes mat you have to be a member for a short while .Do some reading and post to a few threads give a few like s and such .then you trust level will go up soon and you can start a thread of your own …prior to starting one try using the search engine at the top of the page to locate a similar thread or topic in motion all ready … :wink: And Ps Welcome to the ILGM … But Please do take a min and read the guild lines . looking forward to helping in all ways growing .:sunglasses:
Hammer .


Hello @Matt_auto and welcome to the last place you will need to go to get the advice and seeds with very sound genetics that you will ever need. One of the mentors is even setting us up with a online store through the forum so it can truly offer not only the support but also pretty much any thing you need to grow .
I am new to growing also and just finishing up my first try . Do what I did and it was exactly what you did . Ask some questions @ClaireILGM found one of mine and placed it in the correct place and the group just sort of adopts you and has been a big help to me . Also and this should really be the first thing is download the free grow bible and growers guide from this site it has pretty much enough info to get through most of the issues new growers have . Again welcome and good luck


Welcome all new growers if you need help we look forward to helping, to get help start new topics…for those of you still getting started here, you need to gain certain trust levels to be able to do certain things.

Hope you enjoy it here and all the help you need is right around the corner :wink: again welcome new fellow growers, happy growings