How do I start a new forum post?


I’m having the same problem trying to post a new topic hope I get it figured out


Have you gotten it figured out yet


Looks like it. Saw a topic on trimming during flowering and two others.

One of the many reasons you’re appreciated here. Follow ups.


Thanks man that was greatly appreciated


Yes ty, being a new member I had to comment a couple of times on someone else’s topics then it allowed me to start my own new topic. I’m sure it was for some security reason. :+1:


Yea it was and ok sweet just wanted to check in on you


New user here. Love your site and visit it all the time but I only just created my account the other day. I’m trying to post a new topic and I’m getting “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.” anytime I try to do so.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!


Please read and like, comment in forum. It will raise your status to give you more permissions. It’s a security feature of the site.


Hi I’m new to this, I started growing my little plant about a little over 12 weeks on my fireescape. here is a pic what do I do now [quote=“Vixster, post:1, topic:2641, full:true”]
how do I start a new forum post? I can reply to an existing but can’t figure out how to create a new question.


No pic, only see a quote reference


resending pic


Great site so far, once I get up I will have a post about some yellow dying leaves. Keep up the great work.



Thank u… I found the answer I needed


Maybe you could find that answer in the “feedback & suggestions” section of the forum. I don’t know who may also live there, so that’s the best answer I could give you.

I imagine they would ship them there. The question would be “How diligent is customs in New Zealand?”.

I wish you luck in finding your answer…


Hi there I have followed all the instructions to be able to create a post but to no avail. How can I create a new post when the highlighted bar people are talking about aren’t there


After a couple hours reading and maybe a couple of likes and your status gets upgraded.


Check out everything available rules and such and a little time


I can’t figure out how to start a post I’m using and iPhone 6s please help


You just made a post


This is my first grow I’m growing in a mix of peet moss and dirt more peet than dirt what would be the best nutrition I can give my plants