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i am so happy my seeds just arrived in the mail today i cant wait to get them busted open and growing thank you Guys for re shipping my order , Carl Polly from Eastern Kentucky


I have a couple problems.
The first is cutworms they don’t just attack the bottom of the plants they go up on the limbs and bore holes in them.
And the second one is some of my plants have black spots on the leaves and it’s killing the plants how do I cure both problems.


I am thinking about starting 10 White Window and 10 OG Kush autoflowers outside. This is Oklahoma and our daytime heat is 95 degrees to 105 degrees F. Is that too hot for my outside autoflowers?


I’m a first time grower with 3 plants out in 90+ temps. What I read about it is that you don’t have to worry about it that much as long as they’re planted directly in the ground. That’s because once the roots get down 3 or 4 inches deep into the ground, the soil is several degrees cooler. And apparently, it’s overheated ROOTS that are the real danger, not the leaves or buds. In grow tents, the soil gets as hot as the air in the tent.


Thank you for the valuable information.


I’ve been growing for years with no problem however the last few grows my ladies are looking real nice then near the end they develop male pods. I use Advanced Nutrients plus I add Cal-Mag Plus. I changed from happy frog grow medium to pro-mix hp. I also started using Green Cleaner to control spider mites. Any idea what’s going on? Help please


How do I post to receive feedback


@dessiereader, you click the little arrow in the bottom right hand corner of another users post, and it should let you reply


Put @whomever you want feedback from in your post, that person will have a notification next time they log on.


starting a grow box.looking for a good grow medium for this type of hydro set up


hey blountville,ca. you give me a good ratio for a growbox hydro type system


I have no idea. Ratio of what?


ratio of vermiculite/peralite/peat as a growing medium


its a grobox google deaerz it will come up


I’m just starting into hydroponic growing, so any advice I give is untested by myself. I made a DWC Bubbler using a Rubbermaid storage container. It has 5" baskets which I’m using hydroballs in. They are basically hydroton, but sold by zoomeds as a terrarium substrate. I also just started one WWA in a five gallon bucket of 50% perlite, and 50% Coco.


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