How do I start a new forum post?



You are already a basic user. You already have the privileges availiable, you are not blocked nor restricted.



Awesone did f friend dude d


I also am a new poster (and grower), and need to post a question about a problem my plant is having. Guess I need to get to level 1, since it won’t give me permission to post without it. Well here I am! Comin’ innnnnnnnnn

PS - if any moderators can just boost me to level 1, that would be much appreciated ;D


This was just above your request.

Lakewood. Hope you don’t mine me copping and pasting from your post


Here is the answer. I touched on this above, but no one paid any attention to my comment.

Question: Why can’t I start a new topic?

Answer: User has not read or posted in enough topics to have “new topic” permissions. We make new users show there good faith before we allow them to post a new topic.

Trust level 1
A) TL1 requires topics entered: 5
How many topics a new user must enter before promotion to trust level 1.

B) TL1 requires read posts: 5
How many posts a new user must read before promotion to trust level 1.

C) TL1 requires time spent mins: 20
How many minutes a new user must read posts before promotion to trust level 1.

Thjs is the answer to this members issue. We do this as security against Spambots, and Commercial Spammers. It allows us to watch a new member to determine if they are in good standing, before allowing them to open new topics.



Seems fair enough to me and oddly sometimes you can answer your own question by simply reading through some of the older topics and posts. Lots of hard learned lessons and useful information if a person simply takes the time to look around :slight_smile:



Latewood said the same thing in a not so later post.
It seem’s to me like you got a head on your shoulders.
I’ve read your posts and ive enjoyed what you had to say or better the way you put it…lol



Thanks I try my best to lead people to their own answers if I can.


I know you do and thats what I like about you and that fact you seem pretty knowledgeable about the grows.

B Safe


I use to be able to create new topics on the forum. Since I joined Bergman’s Lab and paid $197.00 for the privilege, it won’t let me create a topic. I know how to do it. I’ve done it before. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi RSGrower,
I tweaked some settings for you, you shoud be able to post again.

Joining Bergman’s Lab should only increase your options, not decrease them :frowning:

Bergmans Lab Support


How do I post pictures with my topic? It says copy and paste, but that doesn’t work on my iPad. There isn’t an attachment button…?


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Plant leafs drooping

Thanks pigsquishy! I appreciate that


Or it will be in the right bottom cornner
And remember leave your cruiser in an open space cause where ever your curiser is thats where your pic will go.



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Tried this no action when _ click it


That’s good advice for newbees I found it out the hard way


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I received the same message. I needed to exit and log in fresh and BAM, it worked. Seems that when you activate your account you are not truly logged in.