How do I start a new forum post?


At the first page for support, (top right of this page, there is a list of information (lights, nutes, fertilizer, etc) that we need to put on your initial grow post. This will help us give you the best advice on growing problems. Sometimes it is something that you may have never thought about that is causing problems

Robert’s site has some of the best in the blog and guides section.
Good luck on the flowering, hope you have Great Buds always.


I am also having an issue starting a new topic. I found this place by looking for some help with a pest on my first ever crop (and I am days away from harvest) and wanted to ask a few questions about it.
I guess I am hoping this reply gets me closer to being able to start a new topic.

Catch you guys around!


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I got your problem solved
.you see thoughts 3 lines top right…click them on.
You will then see Categories to the left…click it. Now over to your right you’ll see a. +New Topic. Click and there you have it.

B Safe


Im pretty much just replying in the hope of getting to the next level of member so i can post a topic


Im not able to make a new post. But after reading some comments here I assume if you’re active it will allow me to make a new post.


Yes, posting in a relevant topic/thread to the problem you are having, or just commenting and being friendly on a few other posts usually gets you enough experience that the system upgrades you and can tell you are not a spammer, and voila, you are able to make your own posts after maybe a couple days or something.



On my mobile divice as soon as i opeen the support page there is a tab saying new topic i haven’t used yet though


I could also use some help in my posting a question


Here ya go Paul,…hope this helps



tried posting a new topic and am also having issues help!


What are your issues?



I too cannot create a forum yet, can someone possibly upgrade my rank?


I only get there are no more categories message not the the part about creating one


Well, you are new here and it takes awhile. Follow this link, it will explain your question.


Trust level 2 advancement

Here is the answer. I touched on this above, but no one paid any attention to my comment.

Question: Why can’t I start a new topic?

Answer: User has not read or posted in enough topics to have “new topic” permissions. We make new users show there good faith before we allow them to post a new topic.

Trust level 1
A) TL1 requires topics entered: 5
How many topics a new user must enter before promotion to trust level 1.

B) TL1 requires read posts: 5
How many posts a new user must read before promotion to trust level 1.

C) TL1 requires time spent mins: 20
How many minutes a new user must read posts before promotion to trust level 1.

Thjs is the answer to this members issue. We do this as security against Spambots, and Commercial Spammers. It allows us to watch a new member to determine if they are in good standing, before allowing them to open new topics.



I am having the same problem and have come to the conclusion i haven’t been a member long enough


I figured it was something along those line guess I’ll just have to keep reading, commenting until I am trusted :slight_smile:


And here it is in full term…

Scroll up to the top it will explain it even further.



Mac can you clarify to see if my user status allows me to post a topic, as I don’t see the option to create either? Thank sir.