How do I start a new forum post?


I think it might also be because you only created your account so very recently, but I don’t understand the details of the requirements, maybe it is listed somewhere, membership rules or something, I’m sure latewood is looking into it. I thought I saw something once, keeping track of how many times or days you visited the web site and how many likes you’ve received or given or other potentially related “qualifiers” to be advanced up to a higher user status.

But anyway, I’ve upped you to level 1, basic user, I think it should be there for you now.


I now have a “create new topic” button at the top of my page. Thank you for the help.


I look forward to your new topic, when you post it.


I moved a post to a new topic: I’m Using a grow box


Afternoon ILGM! I too am in the same boat as this gentleman. I’m a seed buyer with you guys, first time grower. I am hoping to post an issue I am having with my seedling. Love all the support and Claire is from heaven when it comes to customer service! Please help a beginning grower in need!
Thank you ILGM!


@Dignan I think it worked, all the likeing and making a comment on this thread, I checked and it says you are level 1 basic user.


hello dear admin, sry i didnt know where to post about my issue. Im just wondering if your site’s delivery service/shipping include my country (Iran) aswell, if it does, i would like to buy some of your products.


I emailed Robert and a ILGM team member made my account so I could post new topics


Well that was exciting boys seeing how this is still trial and error on new web site. It’s pretty obvious that new comers are having a problem posting a NEW TOPICS
Maybe Latewood and Stoner can get the front office to change or at least add on to what a newcomer can and can’t do. Personal item all for it.

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The requirements are not that hard to get bumped up to level 1 basic user as opposed to level zero “new user”, and it helps prevent spammers.

Dignan got it done as described above almost instantly.


Ok I see , we definitely don’t want spammers that’s for dam sure.

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Yup, read some people’s posts, like them if you like the post. A comment on an already established topic, and maybe a few likes here or there, and I think you’ll be bumped up to level one in no time.


You know I just looked at where I would update your info. And I couldn’t believe what I saw.
Under preferences
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86 like
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792 Replies

I couldn’t believe there was that much. Awesome!!

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Hate to be that guy, but I am having the same problem with posting. Just created an official account after reading stuff on the site for a while, but now I want to ask my own questions. I followed the instructions given and with the same results so i must be a level 0 member. Any help would be appreciated! Want to ask my questions and start growing ASAP!


Do Auto flowering strains work in soil indoors?


How do I Post and get answers?


You just did.

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I hope so. I have a question I need to post.


i like your name. Are you growing any Deadhead by chance? I have one going right now, i’m excited to see how it turns out.


I’ve been off the site for a few months now and it has dropped me back to new user so I guess I gotta start over again.was gonna try to create a topic to share my experience in Amsterdam,spent 4 months traveling Europe and stopped in Amsterdam for 2 weeks and it was flat out awesome,had great great smoke among other things, I’m really looking into making the move over there now