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Ya I run an 18 hr veg cycle… you need to go to 12 hrs to flower!!


Hi. I have A H auto. 66 days in. Very little trichomes. Not much smell and buds aren’t sticky. On the other hand she’s a monster at 5’ 5" tall!!! Using a 5 gal dripper. 20 on 4 off 250 watt hps with a couple of cfl for sides. Using gen.hydro. advanced nut system. The trio plus cal mag and Kool bloom and hydroguard. Running about 1050 ppm and pH at 5.9…the buds are filling in nicely just no trichs it seems}odd

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My first AH was sticky and smelled great. #2 smelled for awhile the suddenly stopped smelling and being sticky. It was beautiful but not much buzz or taste. Before I cut it I saw the main branch had turned red. I don’t know why but some thing was wrong. I cut early and took the loss. N


I’m having trouble with this too. I’m here because I want the communities help. The ability to post would be great lol.


I just joined this week. It took a couple hours before I was able to post. Was also real limited on how many replies I could submit in a day. Not sure if it’s set on a time from when you joined or how much reading material you’ve gone through before you can post.


Not with auto flower genetics, you don’t


It is set like that so we can tell you are not a robot. spambot. It is for all members security.
bots" do not read…get it? :wink:


I want that level xd. Im looking through this since hours. Have a nice day guys


I’m lost as to how to post pics and ask questions.

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Did u figure it out yet?

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Same here.
Perhaps, two factor authentication would be a better solution.

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Welcome to the forum @Cbatchaos


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome @Cbatchaos. Lots of good and knowledgeable people here willing to help if needed. Happy growing. Peace :v:

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Just replying to this comment hoping the same works for me!


Lighting, do I run 24/7or 12/12 ect plz enlighten me on such


Y’all brothers in the UK do things a little different, from us Yanks , I will learn


I’m literally trying the same thing that you did with this reply, I’m replying in hopes of getting one step closer to actually posting my own question. So any help or advice running one would be amazing thanks and sorry to spam up your post / reply!


Thanks for having me. Love this site very informative


What the hell