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Need a cup of water no need to ph just tap or whatever water your using leave in cup they will crack if not in 2-3 days 4 tops if nothing it’s bad I use a 100 watt cfl to start or a led in solo cup don’t put in soil more then a 1/4 inch light is 5-8 inches above cup and usually pops in a day or 3


Thanks man. You are a good place for a newbie! @Hogmaster


Hi I was looking at the Bucketcompany 10 Gal soil is perferd because of taste what size tent or space four buckets and is this a good choice


Read back in this post. There are two great moderators that will help you for sure. @Hogmaster, @garrigan65. Good luck, great grow!



All i do is use the paper towel method.
Wet your plate place paper towel on it put your seeds in there and cover with another paper towel and keep moist not soaking wet and place it in a warn dark place. AND DON’T LET THE DISH DRY UP and in and in about 12 to 18 hours you’ll have roots.
I do it this way and always 100% germanation


A 4x4 or a 4x6 Think of it this way. Each plant needs 2 x 2 sq ft to grow in.


Thanks again for the support I realize if I follow the directions I might make my dream come thru I don’t like mistakes especially dum ones and hope I don’t insult or offend thanks again



hey don’t fell bad. I once bought a pair of speakers for my computer and for the life of me I could not figure on how to get them to work so I called my brother and he said did you read the instructions and I said no and he said , well call me back after you do and sure thing there it was simple as f^^k . So don’t feel bad ….been there done that more than once…

Be Safe


temps 45 please I just a beginner seams cold but don’t take my word it might be shock temps drastic change at night?


I didn’t know that the temps were that low. They should be above that for sure 78 to 82 is where you should be.