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My plants …are they ready for harvest maybe… first grow


I was sick and didnt check on the girls for several days and went to check on them later and there was a male and all of the girls got breed! it makes me sick cause i had a great year two years back.i grow outside.what if anything do i do about all the seeds?


Yeah I’m in that same boat. I’ve got a grow I want some advice on and wrote a whole new topic but it wouldn’t let me post it. Anyone know how many times you need to “reply” before you can post your own? Thanks everyone.


trying to get leveled so i can post my grow pics


Yo Matt. Great place to be. Lots of CRAZY smart people here that can help you with most anything. Starts with reading. Read the beginner area. It will tell you where and how to get around this great site.:sunglasses: Good luck!


Trying to post some pictures of my lovelies, near frost last couple nights

Wondering :grimacing:should I start harvest


if you look at your trichomes under a jewelers loupe you will be able to see the colors. Harvest according to your desired effects. Im no expert but i think earlier harvests give a more energetic high and later harvests give a more mellow high. Im sure it depends on strain and other factors I dont know, but I think you need a magnifying glass to judge trichome maturity.


same here Vixter

Beginner's Help

@basementstealth. Buy a cheap macro lens for your phone. I just did. Cheap money, gotta see very close to trichomes. Clear and cloudy are a BIG difference. As mentioned in another post. A hand held microscope us also cheap and quality, but no pictures.:sunglasses: its great to look and see yourself.


whats the best magnification for evaluating trichomes?

assuming you dont have a variable/adjustable scope ie 60x-100x.


i found this amazon. its tempting, cheap, free 2 day delivery…

Nydotd 120X Zoom Microscope for Mobile Phone Camera with Focusing Gear LED Lamp Loupe High Power Magnifying Glass Loupe Magnifier Illuminated LED Light Handheld Pocket Microscope for Education


Its good. You have to hold it VERY, VERY CLOSE by hand. With a steady hand you won’t believe what you see. Trichomes jump into you eye. Definitive to seeing the trichomes go from clear to milky to amber. Macro lens on a good camera or an adapter for your phone (also real cheap/ free shipping<$10). Mine came today. Gonna try it out this weekend when i visit my girls.! Just put it on my phone. Perfect,
Just have to take off my phone case.


Thanks for advice. See learning already


I need help starting right seeds.


whats ur question?


I decided to try a hydro grow. I got 2 critical mass auto and 1 white widow fem. None sprouted. I have everything neede for my germination and grow tent. I checked pH and it was right. What else could i have done


they cracked but no tap root or you put then in water 12-18 hours then in a papertowel and they stayed moist for 2-4 days and the bean didnt crack?


or, they cracked and tap root emerged but then they failed to sprout?


I am having the same issue with not being able to post a question. If I respond to another question with my questions do you think I would receive assistance? Thank you!


How about i send you to a moderator…@hogmaster, @Countryboyjvd1971
Good luck. Happy better growing. Use this forum. Better than gold. Good people