How do I start a new forum post?


Thank You
I’m going to straighten this out and do better in the future. I am sorry for being so dense.


I’m having a bit of a problem whenever I try and post it says I don’t have the access to…

-Frank Sixer


looks as if you found out


@bige yes thankfully to a thread I followed instructions and found out a way to post thanks dude!


Need to know how often do I prune a plant?


@231-76c8 A little everyday while in veg I personally don’t like to take a lot off


F. I. M and it turned out beautiful put she still growing pass 5 ft any advice to make it just keep Bush


I bought 10 seed of LSD and 4 seeds have developed out of the 10. 1 plant is a darker green than the other three. Why is that? Thanks


Do you have any pictures?


Can someone please tell me why my bottom leaves are turning yellow. Can too much water cause this