How do I start a new forum post?


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I’m going to straighten this out and do better in the future. I am sorry for being so dense.


I’m having a bit of a problem whenever I try and post it says I don’t have the access to…

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looks as if you found out


@bige yes thankfully to a thread I followed instructions and found out a way to post thanks dude!


Need to know how often do I prune a plant?


@231-76c8 A little everyday while in veg I personally don’t like to take a lot off


F. I. M and it turned out beautiful put she still growing pass 5 ft any advice to make it just keep Bush


I bought 10 seed of LSD and 4 seeds have developed out of the 10. 1 plant is a darker green than the other three. Why is that? Thanks


Do you have any pictures?


Can someone please tell me why my bottom leaves are turning yellow. Can too much water cause this


I’m growing Grandaddy Purple, they are just over 1 month old. the leaves are everywhere, covering each other. I have been doing a little thinning, hesitant to do too much! Any suggestions? Some are on top of each other and shading the interior.


What is used to lower the PH of the water my is about 7.2


Thanks for that :smile:


@Hogmaster, how do I find the user tutorial and advanced tutorial?


I’d like the answer to this also.


Not offense but this forum layout is not great.


I am looking for this as well.


I started the AK47 in a disk that you put seed in the center then add water to make the dirt disk grow. Well after several days of my cup with the seed setting in a window ceil it grew. It kept growing but the stem now is about 3”tall. My plant has the four flower pedals with a long stem. I did put soil in cup to cover some of the stem but it’s still growing tall. My question is why and what should I do to make more flowers and less stem hight.


Having same issue but how are my plants looking bout how long do you think never.ind can’t send pic links still new yo site