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4’x4’x6’ grow box of own make flat white inside.

Home made re circulating DWC system 3.5gal buckets for veg, 5gal for flower, and 4gal control between 10 for veg total system and and 22 gallons for flower total system.

6 in net pot bucket lids filled with expanded clay growing medium.

2 in air stones in each plant sites bucket.

254Gph air pump

130 gph aquarium pump for recirculating the water.

31 inch tower fan for that simulated summer breeze.

600w galaxy hydro LEDs for Veg

2 x ViparSpectra 300 w LEDs for flower.

Sour diesel is the strain

General hydroponics flora series nutrients, Cali magic and PH up and down

Currently the box sits at about 50% humidity 55 degrees during off light cycle and 66 degrees during on light cycle with water temp sitting at 62 degrees and using a Revers osmosis water system.

This is week one of nutrient cycle 18/6 light cycle

Sour Diesel # 1 14 days after first emergence

Sour Diesel #2 14 days after first emergence

Unknown #1 just transplanted from solo cup I was given it in into expanded clay washed as much dirt from roots as possible

Unknown #2 just transplanted from solo cup I was given it in into expanded clay washed as much dirt from roots as possible

Hydroponics Sour D

I am also wondering the same thing please help!


Hey .
Was hoping someone would be able to answer my question…
I have an outdoor plant and it has begun to produce female columns, and SEED…
I also have females growing inside…
Under light.
Question. Will the females inside be affected by the outsider.
I can’t see any male flowers on the outside transsexual yet as its only got 4 weeks.

Should I get rid of it so it doesn’t affect my babies inside


Very healthy looking


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What do I need to do to ask someone a question? I haven’t seen how to enter a screen name so people will know who I am.
Thank You


Hello Everybody
I am not FarmerJoe. I said something to FarmerJoe once after that I had his name. I don’t know how to enter a screen name so I can be recognized. Do I have to be a trusted member to make a screen name for myself? Future Bubbakush18
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You pick your screen name when you join. Pretty simple; So, you must have input Farmer Joe into the window when asked for a username

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Does “join” mean become a trusted member or is there a different place to join? I really don’t have any information to share. I haven’t even got a grow tent yet to get any grow knowledge to share. But I do read some of the forums and try to learn what I need to do and what to look for. I like how helpful everyone is.
Thank You


Could you tell me how to change my username. I just replied to a topic and looked for a place to put my username but didnt see one. It still showed me as FarmerJoe. I dont want him getting angry with me.



What do you want as a username, and who is Farmer Joe?


Ok , I made a mistake can I change my screen name now. I dont really know how to navigate around the website. I look around and happen to find something more than know where Im going.


I want to use Bubbakush18. FarmerJoe is someone I replied to before I made a username for myself. After that FarmerJoe keeps com8ng up as me. I cant see what Im writing. A page drops down over whereyessage would be. That and the keyboard cover everything up. Maybe Im being blocled for someone reason.?


My plants are turning yellow, wilting and dying. I am a beginner, but I can grow a garden, but am having hell now. Germinated my seeds, grew them to 8-10 inches, hardened them off, put them in the ground outdoors
and for a few days things were good. Now they are turning yellow and wilting and dying.
Strain; Grand Daddy purple, Black Widow, Banana Kush

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Outdoors soul and Miracle Grow

System type?
solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? NA

Indoor or Outdoor
Outdoor sun

Temps; 73, 45
Humidity; 52%
Ventilation system; NA
Co2; No
I can’t load pictures, only the stuff below.
Thanks if you can help me.


this is off topic and you need to go start your own topic. Thanks

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You need to start a fresh account as bubbbaksuh…? and when you do; I will delete FarmerJoe.

Or; Find out if he has access to forum.

Start a new account and let me know when you do, as it is against forum policy to have 2 accounts. lw


I don’t know where to go to start one.


You need to log out of this one first.


I hate to ask but where do I go to do that? I haven’t been doing that because I didn’t realize I was supposed to. Sorry


Click the green circle in the top right corner and a menu will appear, at the bottom of the menu it says log out.