How do I start a new forum post?


Try making a new thread for yourself to keep track of your progress people will come and check it out :wink:


how do i do that?


seeds germinatated, went to soil, one popped up after 2 days


all 3 seeds germinated


water & then paper towel


seeds germinatated & now in soil


cute little seedling came up after 2 days


Top of page click where it says new topic


Hey I’m really new and cheap at this. Can yo u tell me if my plant is going to survive because it’s leaning. This morning it just came out . I’ve terminated it before planting. And I’m using regular bulb light, about 2, 3inches above my pot


It’s still green and the stem has a little purple on it.


not sure how to make a new thread, thx for responding
my little seedlings are 2 inches tall, am growing outside



Same issue here


Hi @Donaldj and @cyndi, I believe opening a new thread right after signing up is restricted to prevent spam-bots from wreaking havoc. Donald, could you maybe create cyndi a personal thread to discuss her grow situation?



I most certainly could assuming @cyndi is still around and has some idea of the thread she wishes to create?


I tried to post a topic in another section of this forum, but I keep getting a message saying I can’t post there… I tried to post with pictures and couldn’t, so I removed the pics… It still wouldn’t work… I tried starting over, but didn’t work either… In fact, I am not sure why I am typing this because I doubt it will work…


Is there an introduction thread? Just want to say hello from NJ


Hello and welcome @Oldschooldrew


I am having the same issue as some individuals in this thread who have posted the inability to post as a new user. I have purchased from ILGM several years and would like to post an issue I am experiencing. I just created my account. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Contact ILGM sales support