How do I start a new forum post?


I’m having the same issue :frowning:


What same issue @Ozzymomma1 ??

that person registered an account, posted that one post and never came back…

I already saw your topic and said hello!




@Dragon269 This might be what you are looking for. Feel free to tag me over in your journal if you need anything else, I am far from a pro at anything, but do read a lot and know my way around the forum pretty well…



if you click where it says + New Topic
on the top right of page you can create a topic of your own which makes things far easier for people to asist since we then know all the details you choose to post and aren’t following a different persons post :wink:




i need help this is my first grow and I don’t know what’s wrong with my clone. I got it a week ago from a dispensary


how close are your lights ?
type of lights and newts and
ph your water to 5.5 - 6.5
i like mine at 5.8 to 6.1


Do we services in Massachusetts delivering to all the mass gifting for donations of Canabis
My question is when my plants are flowering can I put a green light on them to keep out light pollution obviously not direct light but will that help a lot thank you


Dewey’s services gifting cannabis to all of Massachusetts
My question was when my plants are flowering and resting does a green light protect them from light pollution not direct light but does it help


@Drd it’s never a good thing to interrupt there sleeping time but if you need to take a look and just check or adjust something and it’s just in and out it would be good light to use I have heard.


Thank you for the advice


I need help to ask a question, but don’t know how


ask away?:wink:


how long do I keep seeds in water? should I move them to paper towels after 18-24 hrs?
do I keep them in baggie sealed with air?
do I keep in dark cabinet?
how long till they get tails?


my seeds have 1/4 inch tails, are they ready top plant?
all I have is miricle grow soil, is that ok?
or do I need Foxfarms,Happy frog or Ocean forest ???
they wil be ready to plant in a day or 2
pls advise, thx


what is coco? I keep reading about it, am new at this
thx, Cyndi


If seeds have popped as described they are ready to go into any low to no N-P-k soil 1/4-1/2’ deep moistened and covered to keep humidity. Also they should be placed under a light


am growing outdoors


anyone on this???