How do I start a new forum post?


First grow led with grow tent, would like a timer for 12 12 and the exhaust need something in case a power blip if I’m away from home for a couple days any suggestions


@Moses1 Please start a new topic in the proper category


Thank you need help with hurt plant


Moses1 I mean @Mic please start a new topic using instructions on the post titled “posting a new topic”


ok thats cool


From what I have read and understand by it is that you just put your seed about 1/2 an inch I hope this helps @Lucasboy.


? How do we


It is all described above, maybe try reading this topic from the top, but I’ll put this here to make it easier:


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Well can either of u help me?


Did you read about the trust levels. If you are super new here, you will have limited ability in starting a totally new post, you have to do more than just like a couple of my posts here.

You need to read some other posts. Maybe make comments and likes on them. And you can also use the search magnifying glass at the top of the page to search for a already posted topic similar to your question, and you should be able to post your new question in that thread.

Eventually you will meet enough of the requirements to rise up in trust levels and then you will be able to do things like start your own grow journal or your own new topic thread.

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I get up to the “Why don’t you create a new topic” and click. I fill out post and click to post. I get “you don’t have permission to view this” message. Why? what don’t i have permission to view. I’m trying to post, not view.


Read posts and topics and click the heart at the bottom of a post to like it.

You need to build up your rep @rocksteadyrocks

Which is what this whole topic is about…


having trouble creating a topic as well


Hey @latewood, @MacGyverStoner long time no see I am back but how can I get all my stuff back to this account?


Did you have a different user name? if you created new acc you will have to read comment and like posts etc… to earn back trust level


If you had an old account you should just reset the password @JoshawaM


Don’t you have to get back in it to do that


what was your original username? @JoshawaM


Joshawa was it


If you logoff and it will show you the logon box. Use that username and click “forgot password” It should send you an email on how to reset the password.