How do I start a new forum post?


Hi, I just signed up to this site yesterday. I created a new topic, but I am having trouble actually posting it to the site. It looks ok in preview mode, but how do I get it to upload to the forum where it can been seen? I am on a tablet if that makes any difference


@Fenton, this is likely because of how new you are


And @Lungsmoker , I just placed an order this morning and I already got an email that it shipped like an hour later!

@Fenton it should be just like posting to the forum, except you have to fill in a subject


I’m not sure how to create a new ? On this forum I can’t find where it says start a new thread or topic I have a question on lighting would the vipraspectra 300w be suitable for one blueberry autoflower


@Shocker_impulse At the top right there are three bars. click those and choose categories. Pick the proper category and when you are in the correct category in the upper right will be “+ New Topic”


Thanks buddy


Thanks @Majiktoker and @bob31, I think i have it sorted out now


Not a problem we are happy to help


How may I create a thread ?


Hi, im just replying to level up.


Maybe you could just read back on this topic?


Or here it is


How deep should I bury my seedlings?
They’re about 10"/25cm tall and are going outside.
Even with the current ground level, like planting a tree, or deeper like when planting tomatoes?



even with the current ground level is best.
the stem will grow roots but burying too much stem exposes that stem to excessively moist conditions and may cause disease.

I plant them even with the ground and bring a half inch to an inch of soil in around the stem.


this is my first grow also, and am at my wits end. germinated six seeds,and cant get past seedling stage. after 2 weeks leaves tips turn brown and then they get crispy and die. useing necter of the gods soil.test kit show around 6.7.using 150 watt h.m.s.lights for sprouting.ihave necter of the gods one shot fertilizer, but have not used yet. lights are twelve inchs from seedling. room a steady 80 degrees.using fans to keep air moving, and exaust fan. window open all the time .c02 should be ok. maybe crappy seeds? not bergman seeds. will be next time. can anyone help me with this problem???


I think it would be more appropriate to start a new topic and include and current pics and a support ticket.

Go to the three dash lines upper right, next to your avatar. Click on categories and click on an appropriate sub-category and then when you are where you want to post in the upper right “+new topic”

Include @bob31 in your post and it take me
I will post a support ticket for you and a few helpful charts.


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I have a question about indoor set ups. If you could start with any kind of set up what would it be?


If it’s gonna be your first grow I would advise you to grow in soil first,before you go into one of the more complex setups
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Starting in any system expect things to be sketchy as you learn least forgiving systems are hydro but only when running big lights and high temps, Soil is cheapest for start up