How do I start a new forum post?


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Orders are handled by Customer sales support. Your comment regarding who is or who is not paid, is incorrect.

I have the same problem

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what is going on with my hubby’s plants

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Welcome @Kaylaholla91.

If you can provide the following info we can get ya some help going. I would also recommend starting your own post so it gets more exposure. Are you growing in lava rock or sumpn?

Anywho here is a support ticket. If you need help use the @ sign in front of someone’s name like I did yours above.

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Llama manure and costco soil mixed 50/50 I can’t figure out how to post not tech savvy lol

Go to the main forum and click on the + sign at the upper right. Assuming your on a PC if on a mobile device click here. Pretty similar position though.


I think you just did. I have a question. Up until now I have only grown auto fem seeds. My first attempt with regular seeds is a gorgeous Afghan kush. Some of the buds on the top were so dense I didn’t realize the amount of seeds production going on. I’d like to try and grow some of my own seeds. Is there are a proper way to prepare seeds for germination?

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Welcome @karminio57

Prepare or just store? I believe @AAA can answer all your questions though.

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I’m having the same problem

Me too pls lol. Cant start a journal over here lol.too noob I guess haha :wink:


Happy posting,



Hi there, I am new to this forum and to growing… having attempted this year to grow some white widow in my back garden (I live in the UK) 2 plants I had grew to a fairly small size. The reasons for this are probably many, but both plants ‘branched well’ following cutting/pinching out, and both seemed to develop healthy (what I thought to be) buds. but only one plant developed pistils. I have gone into harvest that bush, and for a small size I was surprised to harvest a couple of ounces. The other plant tho is a different matter… Inspite of having bulbous buds (if that is what they are)none of them with the exception of the smallest and lowest, have any discernable pistils. Any advice /guidance would be gratefully received. I have attached pics of the plant in question.

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There is no option to create a new post for me. Not sure if you have to wait awhile but it is very unclear. I am very computer literate and have been apart of hundreds of forums, I am unsure why I am struggling so much here.


24 hours is the waiting period I believe @Myfirstplant

Cool thanks dude I’m doing that right now

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Im new to all this. Please help.

1- What are the best seeds to buy for chronic pain?

2- Can weed be eaten rather than smoked?
3- Where can I get CBD oil from?
Im in Sydney, Australia.
Thanks :pray:

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I still don’t know how to post a new question!

I can’t figure out how to start a forum or ask question

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