How do I start a new forum post?


how do I start a new forum post? I can reply to an existing but can’t figure out how to create a new question.

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Start off by selecting a category on the main page.

Then select a sub category, select a topic that closely matches your inquiry or go to the bottom of the page and select the highlighted section in the text: “There are no more [whatever sub category you are in] topics. Why not create a topic?”

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No buds after 2 weeks 12/12


Thanks, MacG! :slight_smile:


I am rather tech-nonsavy, so I require a more in depth instructional. Following these instructions basically gets me to an existing forum without a way to create a new one. So, I go to the main category, select applicable subcategory, and then…?


Keep telling me i’m not permited


I’m not exactly computer website tech savvy myself, but if you do as I already simply and clearly explained, not in someones post, but in the subcategory or category or what-have-you, scroll to the very bottom of the screen, use the bar on the right side to make it faster if there are a lot of posts, you will find the text:

Click on the highlighted part.

For example – click on “categories” at the top of the page, or the “I<3GM SUPPORT FORUM” at the top of the page, or however you get to the begging support forum page, then click on “Beginner”, then click on “Lights & Ventilation”, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the highlighted “Why not create a topic?” part of the “There are no more Lights & Ventilation topics. Why not create a topic?” text contained at the very bottom of the page.


I’m not sure about the not permitted thing. Maybe you need to stick around a little longer, read some more posts, maybe like some people’s posts, to bump your experience or membership level on the site.


Is it possible that a member must post a few replies before they can start a topic? I will have to look into this


I think this is possible.


So, even though it was “simply and clearly” explained, it may not be possible for me considering I am a new member? Let’s not get too hot over needing a more in depth explanation.


I didn’t really go into a more in depth explanation. I just ended up mostly having to repeat myself. It seems to happen a lot because people don’t actually read my first post nor actually try and follow the directions.


I read and followed them, as it was the first thing I read. No progress. Is it possible I need to move beyond “new member” status? Since I was able to quote your instructions and ask what the next step was, I had been hoping for that further explanation rather than the repeated one.


But did you actually click on the highlighted section and get the notice that you do not have “permission”? As the other member has claimed?

I personally do not know the ins and outs of how this website’s computer or what have you does “permissions”, but most people do not seem to run into this problem.


I have nothing to click. When I reach the end of the list there is the text stating that there is no more categiries in this section; without however, any way of creating a new one. It is just the black font. There aren’t any links, redirections, instructions, or suggestions listed.


Even if following the mock specifics through the “Beginner”, then “lights and ventilation”?

All you get is text saying “There are no more Lights & Ventilation topics.” and nothing after that?


The only way I can get the “Why not create a topic?” part to not show, that normally does immediately follow the “There are no more Lights & Ventilation topics.” part, is to be totally logged out off the site and look at the page while not being logged in.

As I said, I’m not that web savvy necessarily myself. Hopefully latewood has an idea if it is still not accessible for you even still.


I am limited to a particular number of responses in a given time frame, so I apologize for the delay as I appreciate and enjoy the steady replies. However, yes, that is correct. It just states that it is the end of the section without any other options. I assume I am logged in when I try it since I am on the account now to respond here.


Well you seem legit and not a spammer, lol.

Maybe I can do something with my limited moderator abilities and up your status to give you more permissions.

Spots on my leaves

Any help would be appreciated. Ive been refering to the site for about a month, mainly to double check on some numbers; i.e. wattage, NPK, etc. Just basic stuff. Now I have a few specific questions I’d like to discuss. I typically am an outdoor grower and am currently in an indoor trial run. Thank you for your patience and effort.