How do I start a Mother Plant?

I have only ever grown from seeds and am very bad at cloning. This crop though I am going to give it a try and keep some Mothers because I have several different strains (Vanilla Kush, Afghan, Star Cake, Blue Cindy, to name a few) and want to keep growing the strains I like and maybe even cross some strains later. So the question is, how do you guys keep your mother plants? Height, Temp, Humidity, Light cycle (18/6?). How many times do you clone off of a Mother? Where on the plant do you clone? Appreciate any and all constructive comments. :slight_smile:

Newer growth will clone easier, but you can take older clones. I keep my mom plants as bushes and continuously take cuttings even if I’m not taking clones.


Check out @Hellraiser 's cloning thread. As good a hands on, done that and do it well, information as you will find.


Cut a small piece off with a 45 degree angle, dip it in some rooting gel and place it in a glass of tap water, when you get some roots transplant it into a solo cup.

13hr of light or more and room temp is fine.
Cut multiple clones Incase one or two die.

Mothers take up space so do you want it big growing fast? I don’t so I keep mine in a 1 gallon pot of soil and leave it outside for now. I grow in coco but I want the mother to grow slow and with minimal maintenance until I want to cut clones off.


Everything you’ll need to start this journey.


Thank you, this is great. What about humidity? I have been using 3 gallon pots but I can see how 1 gallon would be better.

Nice pic, thanks!

Follow a VPD cannabis chart

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