How do I safely

I wish to mount the driver to my light on a wall outside of my tent. I DO NOT wish to start a fire. Anyone got any tips for ways to safely do this. I was thinking of putting a bamboo cutting board in between the driver and the wall. Anyone know a cheaper solution, or if my idea is not as cool as I think?

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U can get a piece of plywood and cut a bit bigger than driver so u can screw it down

I just got 2 drivers mounted. I’ll go snap a pic or 2 and show ya my idea

I had a nice piece of galvanized laying around so mounted it on 2x risers to give some air movement on all sides.
Main points…
Make strong secure electrical connections. A bad/loose connection can cause excess heat and possibly a short then fire.
Make sure all your leads are secure and can not fall, be pulled on or rub.
I used tinned strained wire rated for 600volts.


Sorry I lied, I used the tinned strained wire for wiring the boards. My power leads from drivers to light connection is strained 12ga rated for 600v

I ran 16 gauge wire to the lights in the tent. These are mounted on the wall just outside the tent.


Look around the scrapyard see if you can find a piece of heat sink. Lot of it come out of the industrial manufacturers get scrapped when they do upgrades. Good luck