How do i recover from this?


Any ideas how to recover from this? I had to flush it as the pH was off… now she looks extremely depressed :frowning2:



It appears you have be watering a little too much. By Flushing would support this idea. Give her some time to recover, as it doesn’t happen overnight.

Patience, let’s see if she can do it on her own.

How often, before the flush, did you water her?


Thanks for the response… i was watering her every 1-3days before the flush.
Is there anything i can do in the meantime? Or do i literally just wait till she dries whilst judging the improvement?


as long as you now have your Ph settled just let her sit under the lights for s few days…she will perk up once she absorbs the excess.let her roots dry pretty well before you water again to make sure they get air and do not get mold…
basically,…let her ride this out until she perks up, then watch her,…and when she starts to droop again resume your regular watering.


Let her dry out she will be fine


Yes they are right! I’m new but in my experience, anytime iv done a flush my plant droops. The reason why? Over watering. You really don’t need to have a schedule on when to water in my opinion. When I water I wait until the plant droops basically asking for water. Iv always waited for the pot to become light. Those two things are what I check for before I water. now when you let that ladie sit there under the light she will bounce right back when all the water is absorbed and the roots dry. After that keep picking up the pot and when it gets light it’s time to water/feed. Then repeat the process following your nute schedule. Never over water. Sometimes less is a better thing!!!


Nice plant btw!


Thanks MrDankyStank… she is definately bouncing back…


Any time you flush just make sure you let your plants dry out adequately or you will have over watering issues. You’ll be fine @Jroland Looking really good.


Beautiful plant!!! I’m sure she will do great just look at that come back she has already made