How do I read/interpret apera tds meter

Just got first ever tds meter and not sure how to read ppm with it. It’s the tds20 model. Did two step calibration successfully. Its preset to 0.71. Tap water says 91.9 how do I read ppm from that?

Most meters are pretty straightforward.
91.9 is probably correct ppm for your tap water.
Mine is 126 ppm when I check it.
My Reverse Osmosis water is somewhere around 8 to 10

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Distilled read 139.4 does that sound right to. Just double checking. Many thanks.

No that should be close to 0. Not familiar with the meter. I’ll take a look at the manual to see what may be wrong and let you know it I see anything

Can you take a pic of your screen with your readings. And also make sure the distilled water isn’t remineralized.

Will do ty

My mistake. Rechecked the numbers I wrote down and distilled was 39.4. I did test tap water first then shook and dried off meter before checking distilled but likely a little contamination from the tap water. I think its reading fine and you confirmed the numbers I’m looking at are in fact ppm. Having plant issue and wanted to make sure I’m reading the tds meter correctly before testing the girl. Many thanks!

Redid everything and new distilled water is 0.7 now thanks again.


That’s much better

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