How do I raise the PPM for rainwater

From a fellow grower: I have a question this morning concerning PPM my Rainwater start that from about 2 to 5 my tap water is nearly 200 PPM I’m having trouble understanding this rainwater supposed to be the best but PPM is low is it still good to use do I need to raise the PPM to 400 for seedlings and five to eight hundred for the veg and if so how do I raise the PPM without putting something in if it damages the plant

The least amount of ppms in your water source the better! Those ppm values are probably from a feeding schedule using nutrients?


Rainwater is basically nature’s reverse osmosis water. City water has lots of additives put in to keep in clean and potable. And the low ppm water is a GREAT thing.


@ILGM.Support Add nutrients, cal/mag and adjust ph.

Even if just water days add cal/mag and adjust ph


Thanks, I was gonna ask the same question and kinda figured the lower the initial ppm the more we can add what we want. For example if my tap water is 200 ppm I could add up to 300 ppm in nutrients for the magic 500 ppm Veg State… Correct?