How do I produce higher quality buds

My buds are coming out crunchy, I’m looking for a more compact feel so nugs break off smoothly. What is the appropriate conditions for the drying process

What kind of lighting, medium, nutes, and environment are you giving your plants? How are you drying/curing your harvest?


Im with Betty… need more variables to help. Food for thought tho. Drying too long or dry equals crispy buds… u want to get them down around 62% humidity


Same questions I would ask, they’re on it.

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I used a HLG 135w, with kind soil mixed with roots soil. With kind soil all you have to do is water the plants you don’t need nutes, and I dried them in my closet but my humidity was in the 70s.

I’ve had 70% dried buds and had to add extra fans in the room and after you jar them they will soften back up. If they are NOT dense rock hard that’s usually a genetic or environmental issue. I’ve never seen a soil where a full term plant never needed “some” kind of nutrient. But that is a tough subject to start on a fairly limited amount of knowledge on my end. One of the environmental issues though is too high of a humidity in the flower stage and sometimes there’s just nothing a budget grower can do to get around it in the summer. 45-60% relative humidity is a good place to harden up. Fans blowing directly on the plants can assist. Leaving your fans on 24/7 helps too. My fans kicked their circuit the other day and when they normally live at 55% they were 85 that night and it was raining in my tent. The last 4 weeks of flower plants should be bulking up. If they aren’t it’s from a lack of nutrients or again genetics.

My only suggestion here is to try paper bags, Try to hang whole plant if you can upside down for 2 days. Then cut all branches off and put in boxes or screen for 5 days for small buds and 7 days for big buds, and here is what I do to draw any moisture out of center of bud, for 24 hours put in paper bags and roll the bags up and put in box. Then I put in jars with bovidas and that method works out the best for me, flavor , taste, and moisture is perfect. If you don’t dry right, and 70% is way too high humidity, Shoot for 69- 72 degrees and 55% humidity and keep it spot on, consistency is key, even in growing, fluctuations in temps and humidity , up and down, is no good. Hope that helps and Happy Growing !

How big is your grow area or tent for your 135hlg

3x3 grow tent

I veg and my seedlings are under a 288qb in a 2x2x4 tent it run at 100%
Do you have just one qb in there? And is it at 100%

Just 1 and it’s at 100%

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I would add another but that is just me or go to a 288qb but @dbrn32 is the shit on theses guys

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You are correct, two would be ideal for 3x3.

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