How do i make my own marijuana seeds?


I’ve been growing marijuana for a year now and would love to make my own marijuana seeds. Is it difficult to make seeds? Where do i start?

Growing marijuana plants can be a relatively fun and rewarding experience that can obviously bless you with some of the finest weed around. As you have likely seen, the growing process is a long and sometimes arduous task but you’re getting relatively close to the final product. At this point, you might want to start looking toward the future. This effectively entails making your own seeds from the crop that you’ve started. This is an important step if you want to continue growing plants on your own without having to buy seeds every time.

The first thing you’ll want to do is determine the sex of your plants. As you probably already know, marijuana comes in both male and female varieties. One easy way to figure out the sex of your plants is to simply notice which ones are maturing at a faster rate. Males often mature about two weeks earlier than females and will start to show growths referred to as “false buds.” These false buds won’t be like the buds you find off of female plants because they will eventually diminish. But, if you shake these buds, you’ll usually get some pollen to visibly fall off the plant. In general, male plants are going to much taller than female plants as well.

Obviously, this pollen allows the male plants to fertilize female plants. In the wild, it is their increased height that allows them to drop the pollen onto the female plants. Making seeds is usually just a matter of making sure that female and male plants are in close proximity. Of course, most crops have about a 70/30 male to female ratio making it rather easy to ensure that female plants are going to be fertilized. It doesn’t really even take any maneuvering on your part, especially if you’re growing outside, because the wind and the elements of nature will do all the work for you.

Nearly all personal-use growers fertilize their females so that they can have a continuous crop. A fertilized female will produce more seeds than you are probably willing to plant during the next growing period. While that might seem like a detriment, it actually just ensures that you will always have a cache of marijuana stored for your use. Of course, fertilized bud tends to be less potent than the seedless “sinsemilla” buds. It is possible to segregate a few female plants to ensure that they will give you the rich full flavor and ample supply that you need. If your sinsemilla plants are mistakenly fertilized, then you’ll just have a few extra seeds.

The importance of making your own seeds cannot be overstated. It’s one of the most vital processes if you want to continue having your own self-grown marijuana. This is particularly helpful for those who need marijuana for medical reasons. Growing your own supply is the most cost-effective way to get your medicine. After all, you won’t have to pay for anything except the implements used to grow marijuana in the first place.