How do I lst? And what branches?

Wanted to know how do I do lst with my blueberry autoflower? And what branch do I tie down??


Well usually you would follow up LST after topping or fimming. But with a plant that small you can try tie downs. Put one around the top and bend it over and tie it down then every couple days or week move it to another side. Me personally I like my plants to get taller before doing this. U usually let them go to 5-6 nodes before topping then ill apply LST and you can LST all the branches just avoid putting leaves in your medium or getting them wet. I do a mix between tie downs with pipe cleaners, LST clips, and landscape staples


I feel like the plant is still way to small to want to put any stress on it. Let her chill for a while and grow alittle. :wink:
Happy growing…


I would leave alone for the time been let grow bigger before u lst

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Agree with above, I would wait tell she got bigger. But congrats she heading the right direction, keep up good work