How do I know when my plants are in preflower

I have 5 plants. All fem clones. Different strains. I got them at 4 inches tall july 27. Have had nute and pest issues that have been mostly corrected. They have been under 24/7 since day 1. So I am about 10 weeks in and just start noticing calyx in last week. Some calyx have trichs. When do I put under 12/12??? Are they preflowering. Why is it 10 weeks in with no pistil hairs…??? They range between 1 and 3 ft tall. One of them has 3-5 inches between branches and is the tallest plant.

The light schedule is what changes the plants to flowering. Some of the calyxes are what is called preflowers. I’m assuming all of this based on no pictures. Otherwise you’ll need to change the lighting schedule to initiate flowering. Hope this helps.
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I would but they are so small and flimsy still.

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Just gave them black strap watering last night and defol night before

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I was going by this description… :point_up::point_up:

This is one…she has trichs on one calyst

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Those are monster crop clones. Clones taken during the first few weeks of flowering. @Weedlvr0321

They were 4 inch sticks when I got them. What is a monster crop clone…???

Exactly as I stated. :point_up:

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