How do I know my plants are ready for preflowering?

Thank you. You are right about everyone so willing to help me to get on the right path. You all are so helpful and I am glad to find this forum. One day in the future, when I am no longer ‘newbie’, I would love to participate helping other newcomers as you all did for me.


Read read then read some more lol. You can search keywords and see what growers are using the same soil, nutes, and lights as you then tag them for specific questions during your grow. They will have more answers that are on point then the generic answers for overall growing.

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And as you can see we want everyone to succeed. If were not sure of your question well tag in someone more skillful in that area. Happy Growing


Just checking back in on you @THCCBD. As you now see, a great group of helpful members on here. We are always happy to help out. So glad to have you here as well, and can’t wait for the day, you feel you are ready to help out others. The forum grows stronger as we all grow together, and freely share our knowledge and experiences. Here’s to many years to come.


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I start the light timer to 12/12 on Sunday (4/29), so it’s been 3 days.
I just to receive notification from our village that our area will have power outage tomorrow.

So, either way, this outage will affect my time setting 1 day;
Option (1) 12 on-24 off (dark) and back to 12/12 —> 24 hours of darkness before go back on schedule of 12/12 or
Option (2) 24 on (light) 12 off and back to 12/12. ----> 24 hours of light before go back on schedule of 12/12.

So, question is, which will be the better option; option (1) or option(2)?

I can’t afford to mess up the growing process.
I don’t have a generator. Should I need to rent the generator or go buy one?

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I would almost always go with extended dark over extended light. Especially where you’re at. The extended dark period will likely just more rapidly produce pistils.


Option 1.

Transistioning to flower, you would be better served by an extended dark period over extended light. You’ve already switched your schedule, so I would go for the dark.

There’s my two cents…:wink:


I agree. When I flip to flower I always give them 36 hours of total dark. It does help kick them into gear.

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Is putting them outside not an option? By now most places have 12 hrs of light

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Messing with their light schedule during transition is also a good way to get a female full of seeds. If outside is any kind of option I would choose that. But even just out in the house where it’s not dark for a day or so is better. Light is light

@dbrn32, @Daddy, @FloridaSon Thank you!
I will do option (1)

@anon95385719 - I read somewhere just recently that never to put the indoor growing plant to outdoor vise versa.

In addition, for me, outdoor growing MJ is not optional. Our state is not allowed to grow even 1 plant.

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Ya. That’s most places. And people bring their plants in at night all spring and fall up north. If they aren’t used to it u just put them where there’s some shade. I would put them in a window inside if out is not an option. Loosing a little light intensity for a few days is a MUCH better option than messing with a light schedule.

U really run the risk of making a hermie out of your plant. When I am trying to hermie a plant for seeds I do just that. Mess with the light cycle. I had lights timed to come on outside just so their schedule would b messed up. Works most of the time so if that’s not the outcome u want…
Your plant your choice. I hope whatever u choose works out for u

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Bringing bugs in and out usually the reason