How do i know how much nutrients to give my plants

I have ph meter tds meter even a lux meter. But how do i know what to give my plants. I have 2 at 5wks and one at 3wks. 2 in soil and one in soiless mix. And i just finished flushing the one in soiless as she wasnt to well but now hopefully all is well but i dont know or should say dont want to give them the wrong amounts can i get some advice. My nutrients are as follows. I have bio bizz grow, bloom, topmax, fishmix, alg a mic ,plant magic magne cal, superthrive and playron green intense or something like that is all i have at my disposal at the moment can anyone help. Please.

I think its 5ml per 1ltr the best thing is mix a 20/25 ltr up wid nutri in fhe thing i have done is mixed up 25ltrs up but im jst using tomorite and mircale grow also cal mag all mixed up for the 1st few weeks then i will use the bio buzz topmax bloom so far i been ok

I’ve heard it’s best to start low and increase as needed. Half or less what your product recommends and watch how your plants respond.
I’ve also searched YouTube for nutes schedules and am surprised how many people share their specific recipes. I haven’t followed any of them exactly but mixed and matched what works for me based on what I have

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I am on 1st week of flower am on week 5 of autoflower strain smokey bear. Was doing ok considering i have never grew anything before. And was only using a 50w led until wk 3 and got 300w led but had an issue with one and she had bad ph or summin but now she ok but not to big or much growth cause of it all i can do is hope she does me proud in flower. And av got one in soil thts 3 wks and she doing ok atm but her run off is under 5.5 both soil is under 5.5 and i am not sure what to do there ppm is low aswell compared to the soiless one her ph is perfect now at 5.8 av been told now i need to feed them both who are in soil but dont know were or wat to feed them. Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated.