How do I keep my girl warm?


Central Florida 40’s 50’s


Best move her inside with some sort of heat when temps get below 55f. A simple 40 dollar oil filled radiant heaater from any big box mart will do very nicely!


Thank you! I’ve never heard of an oil filter heater. I’m a little worried about The dirt still being wet after I watered it a couple days ago since the temps haven’t been really hot. Do you have any suggestions of what I could do or should I even worry about it?
In order for me to fix the pH level I have to water it again when I really want to dry it out first I don’t know. I can move her inside the shed where I have a place I can put her but it still is considered to be outside. With her inside should I put her on the 1212 cycle with the lights I have? Do you know of the lights I have? This photo was this morning .


Could I use a heating pad?