How do I grow a small sativa plant indoors?

Hi everyone!
I am growing two sativa plants indoors right now and I need to keep the plant size very small. I am wondering how I can keep my plants under 2ft? thank you!!


Hmm what kind of lights are you using? and how big is your grow area?

Thanks for taking the time to help. I am using a 20 watt red led light and my grow area can be about 2 ft tall and the width and length of my grow area are very large so that won’t matter. I am also growing the Jesus OG strain.

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There is a TON of people here willing to help you out guaranteed. Well first off if you are going to want to keep them short then I would advise SCROGing and LSTing quite a bit because from what I understand sativas grow taller and faster than indicas. Lighting distance also can keep them from stretching to far. How far does the specs or instructions say to hang from the top of your plants? Do you also have any pictures or links to the light you are using? Let me get some more help for you bud @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @ktreez420


Welcome to the forum @Peterking1776 with training the plant you will be able to successfully keep it under 2 foot my question is do you have a solid 2 foot of clearance with your light included if you do low stress training and Scrog definitely be your best friend


Thanks so much for the help! Here is a link to the light that I am currently using

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It’s very easy to do when your plans get to the point to where they have gotten about a foot tall give or take you need to get a trellis net or make one and depending on what kind of pots you were using if you use the cloth pots they’re great to poke holes through and be able to tie branches down I recommend a three or 5 gallon smart pots and I believe you’re going to need a lot more light if you’re going to do it the cheaper out CFL’s are the way to go or get on Amazon and you can buy an LED that would take care of both of your plants

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It all depends on how much money you want to invest

Definitely brotha all love and help on this site as you can see. The light seems like it can be lowered pretty close to the canopy without burning the leaves. I would suggest what @Hogmaster said and maybe pick up (2) 4 way split plus 4-8 6500k bulbs for the seedling/veg state. Since your light you have has more of a red spectrum, that would be better for buds and flowering. The blue spectrum is lower on your light and the blue is for veg if I’m not mistaken. Plus the CFLs you can literally put the lights about 1-2" from the canopy which will also keep them shorter.

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Thanks so Much for all the information! I have one more question if you guys wouldn’t mind answering. Would switching my plant to a 12-12 lighting schedule 2 weeks into vegetation also help keep the plants shorter and an earlier harvest? thank you!

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I believe if I’m not mistaken that’ll keep them really short but I think plants grow 1.5 - 2xs in flower so if your grow is 2 ft floor to ceiling lights and pots included then yeah I’m sure a few inches then switching 12/12 but honestly I’m not to sure. Maybe someone else can chime in on this and no problem

Hi Peter, can you take a picture of the setup? You can keep that light as close as 2 inches. I have to agree with @Hogmaster you are going to need to invest in more light. Take a look at a t5 like this:

I don’t think you have enough height for an led.

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Welcome @Peterking1776
I agree a scrog might be a great option for you also keeping your plants in a smaller pot will help limit growth maybe a 3gal pot at most
What size area or tent are you using ?
Also I think you can find a better deal on light on Amazon imo

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Thanks everyone. So do you think that this grow light will not be powerful enough?

That depends on how many plants you plan on using but the for the price you can get a 300w equivalent led that will draw around 140 actual watts for about 20$ more
More light more power
But also need to consider how much total hieght you have to work with you said you want to keep plants around 24inches so you would need like 4 foot min to go with a more powerful light

I might as well jump in too! Welcome to the ilgm forum!

It is hard to strike a balance when you are dealing with a short grow height. I’m with @Countryboyjvd1971 spend the extra $20 (unless you already bought the other) and get the 140/300 watt led you will need 2 feet above the canopy down to 18 in full flower. Keep you plants low with lst or scrog and you’ll be all good.

I don’t think your girls will be old enough for 12/12 at 2 weeks… Maybe 3 weeks but I’d say take it as it comes…

That strain you’re growing is a photo and not an auto flowering, correct?


Thanks for helping man!! Yes these are not autoflowering seeds they are photo.

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ok brother if you have a question or whatever just tag a few of us. Use the @ in front of our username and it flags us! Happy Growing!

Peter you never answered how much height you have from the floor including light.