How do I get the trichromes to turn amber?

White Widow had mostly cloudy trichromes by 60 days, but still no amber after 120 days.

Now, AK 47 at 60 days is mostly cloudy but after 66 days still no amber.

What needs to be done to get them to turn amber?

Should turn with time but 120 days ? That sounds a little bit long
What are you using to view them ?

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I use several. A 420 scope (which I like best) a handheld microscope, a 60 x magnifying glass, and a magnifying lens for my cell phone. I use them all trying to get a good view.

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Longer dark cycle

After 3 weeks of flower, I switch to 14 dark 10 light.

Well gradually work towards it go to 11/13 first then 10/14


I did that with the WW. After 3 weeks of 12/12, I shortened the light period (and increased the dark} by 1/2 hour each week until I got to 10/14.

Growing conditions? Could be environmental problems

Growing DWC replacing the water/nutes weekly. It’s in a grow tent with conditioned air 78 - 81 degrees, 60 - 65 % humidity.
No visible signs of deficiency, burn, or stress. Except for FIMing once.

Everything about the plants look great (especially the buds). The trichromes just aren’t turning amber.

Im not sure my guess would be the sativa part of the plant

I plan to grow an indica after I harvest the AK 47 so we’ll see. I hope you’re right.

Mostly sativa plants can flower as long as 12-18 weeks



you need about a 60x telescope to be able to veiw the color change of the trichomes from white to pink to amber, when about 50% of the trichomes have went amber it is ready for harvest, but you can’t see these changes with the nake eye