How do i get rid of fungus gnats

I germinated 5 seeds 4 grew a tail i put 2 in a 3gal fabric pot with black glod soil. Now i have those fungus gnats, so im working on getting rid of them. Any suggestions? The other 2 are in small pods, I’ll probably put those outside and see how they do. No gnats in them as im keeping them separate.

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I have used Mosquito Bits with good results. It contains Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)

Bt is a microbe naturally found in soil. It makes proteins that are toxic to immature insects (larvae). There are many types of Bt . Each targets different insect groups. Target insects include beetles, mosquitoes, black flies, caterpillars, and moths.


I agree with @beardless! Mosquito bits work great. I use them along with Neem Oil (only if you’re in veg stage) or Captain Jacks Dead Bug Spray ( veg or flower stage)

Thanks, ill look into them👍

What state is this called ? This is all new to me. Seedling?

Yes it’s called seedling

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The first photo is a seedling. It has grown it cotyledon leaves. The second is a seedling want-to-be. It looks like it has the seed shell stuck on it.
Growweed easy has a good article that walks you through the plant’s life cycle

How Long Does It Take to Grow Weed Indoors?

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Mosquito bits. Grind them up a tad then put on top of soil and lightly water in. I use Jack’s dead bug spray every couple of days to maintain indoor and outdoor. Although outdoor miners have been a mother fxxxer. Hope you get it whipped! Good luck and happy growing

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Like @Tdevine said, if you go with Neem oil, it is NOT SAFE for flowering plants. It won’t damage them, per say, but the flowers absorb the oil, and it can’t be washed away at harvest. Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice is good for all stages. I recommend the concentrate and mixing that at about 1.5x strength. The premixed bottle is a little weak.

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Letting the soil dry thoroughly (at least top inch) will stop them from hatching. A layer of sand on top helps also as it dries quickly. I have used sevin dust sprinkled on the soil only to kill gnats as well.

I’m in the mosquito bits camp. Easy, safe and effective. Just pour some on the top of your soil and they will continue to provide protection for more than enough weeks to break the life cycle of the gnats.

Be sure to treat every plant in the house, including any house plants or you will never get rid of them.

A single treatment has proven sufficient in my experience.

I use mosquito bits, some I sprinkle on the soil and some I soak in water and use every so often when I water. The full grown gnats I use sticky traps