How do I get Node Growth

Hey guys was wondering how I can get more growth from the nodes seems like my plant keep growing giants tops but leaves little to know leaves at the nodes.

I see you topped the main stem. I assume it is not an auto. You can top the side branches to force more interior growth. It may be an age thing or genetics too

Yea I topped it a little bit ago and it’s a F1 BlueDream photo. The main stems I topped are gaining but the ones that seem to stretch from underneath are just branches with tops

I do a lot of bending to get more node growth. Bend the main stem down and fasten with twist ties. The main node will turn back up toward the light, and the side nodes are forced to develop. The stem will retain the bend after a while.

I don’t have enough room :frowning:

I pulled the pot forwards and gave her a nice gentle bend she was easy to move and I pulled down some more of the taller ones I’m assuming the ones that are touching the wall will curl up? (First time LST)

Yes, the tops will turn back up. The side nodes will grow out along the bend. I’m aiming for short full bushes.

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