How do I get my buds to look like this?

I’ve grown quite a few plants over the years. I know how to dry and cure in glass jars but my buds never look this ‘tight’ after curing. Is there a step I’ve been missing all this time? I did try putting some nugs in a vacuum sealed bag after curing one year, but once opened it seemed like they just fluffed back up?


Welcome ! Quality lights will get You Solid dense buds. Lights is one of the most important things to have a successful indoor grow.


Yeah but I’m an outdoor grower…

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You could potentially be harvesting too early. Before the buds have a chance to bulk up. Just a thought. How are you checking your buds before harvest?

I’d also second light being an issue but as your growing outdoors I cant help there

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Oh, I think they are definitely bulked up plenty😁


Hey I’m an outdoor grower and I get the density your seeking. Lemme ask you some questions and I’ll let you know how to get what your going for


@KYWonder firstly, buds that dry rock hard will finish like this-

When you squeeze these buds they have virtually no give.

How much direct sunlight do you get each day?
How many hours are your plants shaded by trees?
How much interior growth are you leaving?
Are you growing primarily sativa strains that tend to finish in a point?
What’s the temperature at between June and October?
Are your plants ever in a greenhouse?


I would like to see some tight looking outdoor buds. I have some I’m getting ready to harvest that went through a cold spell. It turned the leaves purple and firmed up the buds. Will report back.


Normal sun is 8-10 hours per day.
Shaded only in the very late afternoon with the hottest sun behind trees
Temps between June and October run from 95 highs in June, July, August to lower 80s and mid 70’s thru September
Never been in a greenhouse. Outdoors since 3rd week of June when planted as a tiny seedling.


What’s the strain? What’s the soil any nutrients? How many days of flower are those pics? I think you might not be getting good enough sun in flower stage. The angle off the sun drops especially in sept the most important time for the bulking up phase imho. If they aren’t facing the southwest or west it’s going to be hard getting that full sun until sunset. If you’ve grown in the same spot and keep having the same density issue it’s the sun.

My mouth literally started to water looking at ur buds @ThirtyThree - wat country u from?

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Nice looking plant ! I would get me some bamboo sticks and support those buds hanging down and I’d leave her till the first frost. Let those buds keep fattening up.


After my first grow I could not figure out why my buds were not compact and hard like the bud I was used to buying. Finally I figured out that what I had been buying had been mechanicly pressed and vacuum sealed to smuggle over from Mexico. So if I wanted my bud like that I would need a press so maybe one day I will.

Its funny I have plants in pots and in ground the ones in pots I moved around everyday to get max sun 12-14 hours the one in the ground maybe 8 hours the one in the ground has the biggest most dense buds.Also I got invaded last week by cats and I bought and sprayed b.t. seems to have worked I cant find any new cats. I removed by hand about 30. Im damn near an expert now on those dam things.


I picked off a cat yesterday evening. BT is ordered from Amazon and should be here in a couple days!

I’ve had to harvest two branches already. The colas were so heavy, they just broke the stalk…

Read the label it doesnt kill them when sparyed I took a few and sprayed them didnt kill them. They like the stem of the bud thats whre you find them I got 4 more today, when you habe a dead top portion of your bud that a cat, spread open the bud and you will find it in there some are big some are hard to find small. GL!

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