How do i germinate srrds for hydroponics?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks


There are multiple ways, but this is the way I do it.

Equipment needed:

  • Rapid Rooters
  • Shot glass for each seed
  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
  • Tap water
  • Seedling tray with dome
  1. Place seed in shot glass with tap water and 3-4 drops of H2O2 (3% variety you can buy at a drug store)
  2. Wait for tap root to pop out and get to 1/2" long or so
  3. Soak the Rapid Rooters in properly PH’d water (5.8 for hydro)
  4. Wring out some of the water from the Rooter so it’s not dripping wet, but not too much
  5. Tear or cut Rapid Rooter vertically along the side to expose the center
  6. Take tweezers, gently grab seed by shell and place in rooter 1/4" from the top with tap root facing down; tear off a small piece from the bottom of the rooter and place it over the hole on the top of the rooter!
  7. Keep rooter moist with a spray bottle of PH’d water if needed (usually mine sprout before the rooter dries out, which is what is supposed to happen)
  8. Once you have a seedling, you can start giving it nutes - 200ppm is appropriate
  9. Foliar feed the seedling until a good amount of roots are coming out of the rapid rooter (I do it twice day, morning and night, a couple sprays with a spray bottle to keep the rooter damp but not wet - if you keep the rooter too wet, you can get stem rot/damping off)
  10. Once I have enough roots established, I move them to a cloner to get more roots before I put them on my Deep Water Culture buckets (I use Sterilite totes for “bucket”), and continue to top feed them with a spray bottle until they have roots dangling into the water on my cloner.

Bogleg’s advice is very good.

I am a more simplistic person. I use the wet paper towel method.
I take a rectangular plastic “Tupperware” container, lay a paper towel down, line the seeds up and then fold the paper towel over them…and wet it down. This allows me to gauge the progress better than soil germination. Keeping the paper towel moist…after two days, the tap root will hatch. Once the tap root is longer than 1/4" BUT less than 1/2", I transfer to rock wool, soil or other grow media. IF the root is curling instead of growing straight, I plant immediately. That kind will grow in circles seeking out an anchor point.
I plant the seedling in till the top of the head is right even with planting media. Spray bottle misting will keep it from drying out.

****there IS A FREE GROW MANUAL on this website. That would be a very good source of information for you to access. Not knowing what is coming will make your grow experience difficult.
Once the plant is germinated, the plant is on a schedule…it will do everything to grow and IF pampered and loved will grow to a big beautiful Lady. Not reading and learning weed growing information will make the experience difficult and humbling…I speak from painful personal experience.
Read…Learn…have a wonderfully satisfying experience.

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