How do I determine if i have a true WHITE WIDOW?

How can I determine if my White Widow is a true white widow?

Seeds? Plants? Smoke?

I suppose a lot might depend on where you get them from, our genetics come from time honored genetics of some the best cannabis cafe’s in Amsterdam.

There is no real way to tell by looking or smoking, other than if in the past you have grown or smoked the specific strain before and have enough experience with the strain to see subtle differences in the way it grows as opposed to the way others grow, and the same would goes for the flavor and the way you are affected by the smoke, you would need those points of reference and to have the experience to compare.

My seeds were purchased from here, however I know someone else who has White Widow seeds purchased out of Canada, and his plants look totally different from mine. I have not harvested yet, however my plants looks way nicer, fuller and my leaves are different than those of his supposed White Widow. I believe mine are TRUE white widow as I have purchased them from you, coming directly from Amsterdam. I thought there might be a way to prove to my friend that his plants are not True. I was told that the buds would be white on the inside if it is true white widow. I thought someone would tell me if this was indeed true.

Something to consider, when growing from seed, you might get different phenotype expressions in the various plants, so even though all seeds are “white widow”, you might have two plants that look very different from one-another. Most good breeders spend a lot of time back crossing and other practices to get some real true stability so that most of their seeds grow out into plants looking the way they want them to look, but even then you will sometimes find the odd-lady-out when growing from seed.