How do i control how big my plants get?

I am going to be planting early miss auto today, i just seen a video on youtube with early miss auto in it and it looks like the plant grows to be around 3 feet tall my tent is only 30x18x36 w/d/h , what are some ways i can control how tall my plant gets besides putting it in a smaller flower pot ?

Topping or pruning is how the growth is controlled of how big and small they are

Low stress training only for autos. Autos can not really tolerate topping, they don’t have enough “veg” time to recover.


Ok thank you for the input that would make sence cause don’t autoflowers flower twice in their time of growing

And woke up to bad news Damn deer ate half my crops :confused:

Also autos usually don’t get very big, at least not as big as regulars.

However, regular photo period plants can be put into a flower light cycle early, to start them flowering at a smaller size,so they’ll be still kind of small when they finish. And of course they can also be topped and trained.

Nope, autos are called auto, because they automatically flower regardless of photo period. They only grow, flower and die, you can’t clone them either as the clones will flower at the same time the mother does, regardless of size or light schedule. This, and the fact that they can’t really be topped, means an auto might grow to be bigger and taller than a regular that was flowered very young. Autos are autos, so in general you can’t really get them to flower early.

Damn, that really sucks!


Thanks for advice I did not know that, and yea it does, to the positive it wasn’t all but a good majority of my #2 garden was eaten up, and the autoflowers are the ones I didn’t know about

Is i true a plant will only grow 12 inches for each gallon of soil you plant it in ? Also does planting your seeds in less soil then it is supposed to be planted in effect quality ?

Restricting root mass can restrict the over all size of the plant. The 12 inches per gallon is not necessarily accurate. It will not necessarily reduce quality.


I agree with you MacG the 12 inches per gallon isn’t quiet accurate