How do I clone the plant I have growing now

How do I clone the plant I have now to make a mother plant or two it’s flowering now but I want to make a couple clones out of it, I already have the rooting and cloning powder but I don’t know what to cut or do please help this is the plant I want to clone below

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Try cutting off small branches off the bottom or lower part of your plant. You could get some rooting gel to help them root. They will take longer to revert back to veg since you are already in flower. You will have to put them back on an 18/6 light schedule. Put them in a tray with a humidity dome also. The higher the RH the better. You could put them directly in water or a rapid rooter. Let me know if you still need help.


@Noctis420 I always need help I have no clue wat I’m doing lol I have the rooting and cloning powder


@Jaygrant55 …FIRST—download the FREE GROW BOOK so thoughtfully provided on this site. Second—take the time to read other newbie questions…this will help you.

Take a cutting from the shoots off the lower branches. Cover stem in clone chems, and stick in rockwool or small cup of soil. Keep moist, place in some covered container to keep moist.

You have started very late in the outdoor growing season, actually too late. But, you can take the clones indoors and go from there. Best to order quality seeds and grow indoors. Or at least get a head start on the outdoor growing season next year.

Before you do anything I recommend going to youtube and watching a video on cloning. Seems easy enough, but I had issues my first couple of trys and now I feel I have a very good success rate, in only a few months. Take more clones than you need. Chances are if you take 4 clones you will more than likely only have 1 or 2 survive.
Great thing about cloning is you only need 1 to survive and you can keep cloning her. 2 yes you will need a min of 18/6 on the lights but taking a clone from a flowering plant I always leave them in 24hrs of light untIL they revert back to vegging state. And start hitting them with veg nutrients

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That plant has been growing outside for sometime now but I’m just talking bout taking a clone to start indoors under my plant light and a humidity dome I have all 3 books they offer her downloaded but I’m honestly dumb I could read it a million times and not remember anything I learns from doing honestly but don’t wanna kill anything the plant I have now is in flower n has buds growing everywhere, so basically just cut the bottom leaves off then dip em n stick em in humidity done n leave under plant light for 18/6 till it starts taking off to transplant

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Just started 6 autoflowers for outdoor.

Is it really too late?

I am dyslexic. I have to read text 3 times to start absorbing it. If I see it or do it…I remember the first time. Sounds like you have the basics for cloning down.
Good luck.

Ok so cut my lowers leaves off if so how far up or back do I cut them then how much of the stem of the leave do I need to leave to put in the soil

Not leaves, shoots a fan leaf will not root. A shoot is just a lower branch. Cut it off plant and place into a bowl of cold water. Then take a sharp steril blade and cut a 45° angle at bottom of stem, rough up the bottom inch of stem a little, I just scrape the outside layer off dip it in rooting ger and plant it. Also cut all the points off of the remaining g leaves to help retain moisture. (Moisture leaves through leaf tips) cover with a dome and put in light

cut a 45° angle…2-3 nodes (15cm, not smaller) your stem should be at least 3-4 mm thick
sr 4 my english

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@RubiBANANA666 @Sirsmokes
This is what I have right now and how it looks! Prob not time yet to clone then cause if I cut a lower stem I’ll kill my whole plant!

You won’t kill the plant taking a cutting

But I don’t see branches just leaves

So it’s definitely not time yet then right

just wait a week or two

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So wait a couple weeks to see if they start branching out now that I moved it an doing lst now that it’s in more sunlight

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