How do I clean pollen properly?

Hi there, is there any reliable and proven methods to clean a tent out properly to remove any traces of pollen?

I lost my last cycle to seeds after I found a hermie among the plants and I would like any suggestions on how to prevent fertilizing any new plants put in there.


I had the same issue my last grow and like you was worried about accidentally pollinating new femanized plants this grow.

After a bunch of research I found that water will neutralize pollin.

However, to ensure you don’t have other contaminants you probably want to sanitize/clean everything in the tent, pots, trays, humidifier, dehumidifier, a/c, ventilation, lights, fans, etc.

That will help minimize mold and other things as well as eliminating the possibility of accidentally pollinating the next grow.

I hope this helps… Good luck!


Diluted hydrogen peroxide with water in a spray bottle. And wipe it down very well, repeat until your clean


I’m pretty sure I thought I saw Hellraiser suggest isopropyl rubbing alcohol spray for that as well

I’ve pretty much done all the methods suggested, hot water, peroxide, diluted dishwashing liquid and then gave it a light hose down before drying it completely by towel then heated it up with the lights while the fans were unplugged.
Cheers for the suggestions, hopefully I don’t have any issues next batch