How do I blackout my outside grow tent from neighbours outside light

I’m new here and have the same set up outside grow tent as I did last year but my plants turned hermi because of my neighbours outside back light so I don’t want the same to happen this year.
So I’d like any info on blacking out my tent on the inside.
Here are some pics


BB gun for the bulb.:rofl::joy::rofl:. blacking out will be a lot of work… good luck to you


I send the motion of @BigItch lol

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Apart from trying to cover it with a big tarpaulin


Haha :joy: yep that would be awesome but I’m sure they’ll just fix it
Just want a curtain for the inside as there is no other way. As I’m not putting a tarp on every night and then take it off in the morning.
Yep shit situation

Yep I know and thought f that but such a hassle to take on and off so I thought something for the inside that’s why I took photos of the inside
Maybe curtains can go on the rods on the inside?

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On a serious note could probably use shower curtain rings on your existing poles and some type of black out material . Its such a small light could probably use black tarp
Just be a matter of opening left and right.sounds simple in my stoned mind :rofl::+1::rofl:
U could do from top pole or side :thinking::thinking:
If ya did from top… tuck under your side for ease of pull

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Sounds good man. Thanks for the advice.
I definitely thought of some kind of blackout material that can definitely hook to my rods in the tent but not sure what kind. I’ve looked it up and there are some blackout curtains but don’t know if it’ll work but I have to try something before they start budding which will be soon. Thanks

Black out curtains hung on the inside maybe :man_shrugging:

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Welcome @Christie612
I have a hard time believing that single bulb on the neighbors house caused plants to herm. I am sure the moon puts out more light than that. I would be exploring other reasons for the hermie like genetics, stress, temp spikes…etc. Light pollution usually shows as the plant trying to re-veg.


Yes I know you would think that a bright light wouldn’t hurt but it’s so so bright and I went out last night at 2.30am and saw it shining directly onto the tent and looked inside and there was too much light inside so the light they have must be one of those outside bright lights.
Yes last year they turned hermi I think because I went away and didn’t water them in time before they turned hermi and maybe not the light.
But I bought female seeds and know they are all female this time so just don’t want to ruin them with light when it’s budding time which is soon so that’s why I’m a little concerned and would like help.
Thank you

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Bought one but then it would be too hard to take on and off and I’m so lazy too. Need an easy fix like maybe something for the inside that’s why I’m took photos of the inside. Thanks though

If my back yard lights were pointed at a tent like that it would light up the inside. I don’t know what you can do about it, but I agree it’s a problem.

Is it possible to just explain to the neighbor you’re trying to grow some dope here and please shift the light?


Black plastic hung on the end towards the light. You might have to make it where you can roll it up during light hours. Won’t black it out but would darken it some.


Can you move the tent to better location. ask neighbors to point light to their yard instead of yours. Blackout curtains work great . when u want the light, just slide them down on the rod


Any chance you could extend your fence up another foot or 2 ?
A new top rail ?
Might be easier than using a curtain :wink:


This what I was scrolling to post.


I can’t move the tent as it’s really deep in the ground so it doesn’t fly away haha

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Can you put up a make shift fench beside it to block the light from entering or add on to the one that’s there to block the light.

can you add to the fence to block the light like a tarp stretched out and raised a couple of feet above the fence, I know that will raise some red flags of whats going on over there lol