How did you find ILGM and its forum?

For me, i googled seed banks, found several articles.

ILGM ranked top 3 in most.

We are illegal in my state. We think your states put regulations on thc content on seeds and thus seeds in the states are “water down so to speak”. Like beers, not all states are equal on alcohol content.

For decades, High Times raved about Amsterdam and its products.

ILGM met all covert needs. The forum was bonus.

It didnt take this “mosca” fly on the wall to see this isnt like any fishing forum i browsed. You peeps are the real deal.


Pretty much the same.
Once Missouri legalized medical use I started looking for a reputable seed seller. ILGM came up and the forum convinced me they were real. Comments about replacing bad seeds gave me confidence.
The actual law in Missouri for home growers is that we are supposed to buy seeds within the state. That didn’t take effect for 2 years after the law was voted in. But no dispensaries have any seeds. If the seeds have to be bred and sold here in the state I would guess the genetics will be poor for some time.


I did this search and saw them mentioned over and over again. I arrived at the conclusion that it was probably a paid spot on the “top” lists. And steered clear.

Then, after pulling the trigger on Seedsman seeds, I started researching hydroponics - how to set up an aeroponic system, whether it was worth the fuss, etc. I kept getting looped back to the ILGM support forum. I spent many hours reading things from @MAXHeadRoom (R.I.P.) and others along the way. Finally I felt good enough to start my own seeds.

It wasn’t until about 5 days into growing I actually joined ILGM, and was welcomed with open arms by all. I didn’t even buy ILGM seeds until … December? Of last year. The first ILGM seed I grew was a gift from @SilvaBack203 , the next a gift from @ReelOfishalTrees

Finally I grew my own (Zkittlez photo and a Wedding Cake auto). I am not overwhelmed but they grew well and the wedding cake passed on genetics that would make any mother proud. I am glad to be here, and even more glad to have learned enough to be able to pass along the wisdom, kindness and patience I received


Both of you guys was johnny on the spot when i started posting. Examples of passing “it” on. So many others doing the same.

Would love to read some of Max’s journals . Saw his work in Hall of Fame.


When I bought five clones on a whim I started googling. I found a few forums but none as friendly as ILGM. I joined and stayed. Great growers with one purpose - to make sure all grows are successful ones.


Last year when I planted 2 random seeds I had, they sprouted. So I went on kindle and found few books on growing marijuana. 1 of the books in the end listed ILGM as top 5 seed banks in america. I like researching so in the end i bought seeds from ilgm and seedsman.


I am along with the rest. When I got my med cultivator’s card and started looking for seeds, I found no one carried them and had to look for resources online. ILGM was listed as top pick for domestic so tried them and found out why :+1: great service on their products, full replacement for bum seeds, and this forum. I stalked the forum for a while before joining because…well, paranoia (still recovering from the “reefer madness” education i got in elementary school). Everyone here is helpful without hubris.


I was lost during my first grow after borrowing some equipment from an injured buddy. I took so much from here in the 2 years I’ve been on. I hope I’ve payed at least some of it back by now :metal:


Like the others have stated I searched for seed banks and ILGM kept coming up. I got my first pack of seeds in September 2019 and haven’t looked back. When I first made a post I was welcomed with open arms, one of the first I believe was @RandomlyRan . “HAPPY GROWING EVERYONE”


I had seeds already and was just looking for the knowledge to grow inside. I had grown some plants outdoors when I was a kid but animals would always eat them before they flowered.

I googled ‘cannabis growing’ and, of course, got tons of search results. I read them all. Links to all kinds of forums. I read this site for at least 3-6 months before joining. Everyone was respectful and responsive when I finally joined and posted a question . @MattyBear came to my aid on my very first post.

I’ve watched other forums and the drama seems to take over the platform.


Sort of same thing, I assumed same thing because it kept showing up on everyone’s list etc.
Then I looked at other seed banks and they all seemed shady, a lot look like the sites were made back in 1999 and meant to be used on Netscape navigator :rofl:. So I was back to the drawing board on where to order seeds. I then found the forum and saw tons of people currently discussing things and posting grows with seeds they literally got from ILGM so I knew they were legit. I ordered my seeds and joined the forum and have been on everyday since I joined ( just got the aficionado badge lol)


I was member of 2 other forums for little while before coming here. I had seen forum come up on some web searches, but joining wasn’t required to read thread. Eventually i joined so i could comment on a topic. Even managed to get a nasty gram from @latewood within a few weeks. Wasn’t maybe 8-10 months or so and he was messaging me about helping out here, and the rest is history.

This forum has changed quite a bit in 5+ years I’ve been around. Mostly for the better, but we’ve definitely lost some really good people. I see a few of you mention Maxheadroom, do you know his diy lights live on? He reached out to us when he was getting near the end of the road. Could no longer grow due to his health and was at the point of consolidating his equipment. We were able to find buyer through Mattybear and Covertgrower picked up lights and sent them from Midwest to West coast. Max was super cool guy that we definitely didn’t get enough time with, but his ideas and work grow on through freinds of the forum. @crazyots was another, super cool guy. I helped him out with with a few electrical issues in lab forum and he messaged me asking for my address. I told him don’t worry about it, but he insisted. 4 days later 10 grams of shatter and an unopened black sabbath cd show up on my door step. We exchanged numbers, i thanked him, and became pretty solid friends. Solid enough that when he went from his attic to a 12’x20’ grow room i drove through 2 states to his home and assembled the whole room worth of lights for him. It wasn’t until that day i realized the black sabbath cd was somewhat of a token. I’d like to say “if ya know, ya know”, buy literally not a single one of them is active on this forum anymore. The cd was the cover or discreet shipping tool. It’s been to Australia and back, Canada and back multiple times, New Zealand, New Mexico, Texas multiple times, and only God knows where else. And to this day, sits on a shelf in my basement next to most of my grow equipment. I remember getting a second nasty gram from @Aquaponic_Dumme (lol) because MattyBear, Myfriendis410, and I made some chit chat about meeting at Disneyland. Like for real dude, gtfo with that.

@Donaldj was the guy who made things move and kept things afloat here. He knew who the true potheads and members that kept things moving were, and he put most of us in contact with each other. He left the forum shortly after, is probably the best moderator this forum doesn’t have.

One last story, and I’ll quit my babbling. I really wish we still had @TDubWilly. You’re all familiar with term “red headed step child”? Cannacon las vegas 2019 I tried to arrange meetup there. To my knowledge, Tdubwilly (Tim), Myfriendis410, and myself were only ones that made it. Tim stayed at same hotel as my wife and I, Myfriendis410 stayed with friends and met us for brunch Saturday morning at the Flamingo. His old crabby ass insisted on meeting at like 9am when Tim and I were out til 5am, but we were both right there when grandpa came up the escalator. Alan and I are both about 6’5" although Alan built like basketball player and me defensive lineman. Tim at about a solid foot shorter and ginger af looked like Alan’s illegitimate kid haha. We sat bullshitting for almost 3 hours, then gramps drove us all to dispensary. I bought a quarter of green crack and gelato vape, Alan bought who knows what, and Tim got that goddam lemoncello vape. We climb in Alan’s truck and the damn ginger weed fiend is already screwing his cartridge into a super douche vape mod. He hit that thing so damn hard like 3 times. Passed to Alan and then to me, and from time we left dispensary and got within a block of our resort the 3 of us were stoned stupid. Tim and I bailed so that gramps could get back to his place quickly as i sat in the backseat telking myself “don’t talk you’ll sound like an idiot”. Walking down the strip i felt like t-rex, but was easily ahead of Tim. I looked back and he said i can’t feel my legs bro. We ducked into casino and sat at closest slot machines, then fed $20 after $20 for about an hour. My wife eventually came to get us and couldn’t even keep a straight face. She said “are you guys ok?” Tim said no, i need a nap. I wasn’t as lucky and had to grind it out, but we hit the strip again about 10pm. I had dinner with Tim one more time about a year later, but we lost him 1/23/21 to cancer, just like Otto. You all are great, our team is great, but I really miss those guys sometimes.

Keep dropping those seeds and checking in from time to time, you never know who you might bump into.

Came back to add this, for old times sake :grin:


Well, after @dbrn32 comment, I feel my story of finding this thru google doesn’t compare


We are allowed to have 6 plants in my state. I was given a seedling and nourished it to health. Gave me the bug.
I bought some seeds from Seedsman (no complaints) then I found this forum very polite and very knowledgeable. .
My next purchase will be here


I was on a couple forums. Very toxic. Lots of youngsters with quick flames and foolish ideas. After a couple incidents where i told them EXACTLY what i thought about them i stopped forums. Stressfull. Happened across this forum hunting seeds. Still havent bought a bean from ILGM but joined the forum. Much better folk than other hatefests. Dont regret it.


Never been on grow forum did post on fishing forum. Found out same, toxic


Thank you Mods for sharing, you answered one of my questions about Max.

Its also nice to know that we have common interests throughout the forum, hunting, cooking, giun cars good booze and successful grows.

Leaves one question. Someone just disappears after a few busy years without notice, ie… i read Hellraisrrs journal, read it all, then made my first post to him only to find out he’s just gone.

So, how does one get closure when one dissappeats without reason?

It saddened me, yet never had dialogue,


We work at keeping this a family friendly environment. So many folks have experienced rude and dismissive behavior on other forums and we simply don’t tolerate that.

Most of us here like to give back and enjoy sharing our experiences. You are all great members and we appreciate all of you!


Sometimes you just can’t. It’s hard to say but can be true. A lot of us are in a few places, specifically for that reason. Hellraiser had been on Grower’s Network too - but I’m not sure if anyone else who shared other forums with him or even personal contact info has chimed in to say one way or the other. I know some great folks (like @Arrow ) have simply moved on to do other things.

Lots of growers just drop off because they got too busy, no longer need assistance, had to quit growing, etc. - many people come and go because they get their problems resolved, which is also perfectly fine. Several of us are here largely just to pay back the kindness received (@Underthestairs in my mind, you’ve repaid your debt and then some with all your assistance to me and other growers before and after. Without your first few replies, I probably wouldn’t still be here). I don’t think I’ll ever consider my debt repaid, because even though I know enough to grow a plant, I never stop learning. @repins12 helped me create my own seeds. @AfgVet is always giving me better ideas about how to harvest, store, and use the pollen I make. @Nicky is a lot like Hellraiser, always running experiments when he can and sharing every bit of knowledge along the way. @HappyHydroGrower is my go-to hydro guy for all things. We also have nutrient specialists (@Newt for Fox Farms, @nodurxshn for GH/AN, he uses em both, @MeEasy for Earth Dust). Countless others who all have their niche knowledge specialty and a broad spectrum of helpful stuff. @Caligurl for edibles, concentrates, and mushrooms. She took the edible and concentrate crown from Blackthumbbetty, who makes the occasional appearance but I believe just got busy with life.

Anyway, that was a really, really long way of saying sometimes folks just disappear. All we can do is appreciate what they left for us, and try to leave something meaningful for the next generation of growers.


That was a pretty good explanation, well said.