How did my plant go from beautiful to ugly?

Hi everyone. I just completed my first grow… I think and plan on harvesting within the next 24hrs. Everything started off smoothly-
Grew white widow auto, in a 3 gallon fabric pot, with miracle grow organic potting mix.

PH hovered between 6- 7 at any given time
Didn’t add additional nutes until growth spurt during veg stage - used organic materials - coffee grinds, banana peel tea, epsom salt, aloe vera solution and when entered flowering stage switched to organic biothrive bloom solution (npk: 2-4-4). I was cognizant of not over feeding it using 1/4 dosage every other waterI got.
Used 300W LED grow lights (2 x 150w cree xm-l2 bulbs). Full spectrum, par value at 850 umol w/55k lux at 18inches.

I started the grow outside for the first 3-4 week. It managed well through some really hot days and to avoid any risk at that point I brought inside to avoid any peeping neighbors.
Here’s what it looked when I first brought it inside- prob week 4-5.

It was doing well indoors under the lights using the manufactures recommended distance and temp around 75-82 degrees.
I had a fan for ventilation, but then noticed some yellowing on top leaves with brown spots and determined it was potentially wind burn so I adjusted that.

The new growth continued to yellow, even though I readjust height of lights to make sure there want too much stress, but pretty much just started falling apart. I got a little nutrient test kit and nitrogen was low (which from what I understand during flowering is normal and not to add too much more at that time. P and K were at moderate levels.
There were so many different signs- nute burn, nute deficiency, over watering and simply couldn’t figure out what was going on. I came to the conclusion that I may have overwatered it even though I was carefully monitoring the dryness of the soil.
I’ll be harvesting today, but any ideas or thoughts on what went wrong?


She’s pretty enough in my opinion but yea white widow isnt exactly a looker ,tons of orange pistils are a turn off to a lot people that dont get it’s just a sign of ripeness. You get a lot of nute deficiencies at the end because everything is being used up to finish up the flower so that’s normal. Personally I think you did a great job just try a different strain next time.


Thanks for your response and words of encouragement! I couldn’t believe it grew to 26”!

After growing up in London it’s one of my absolute favorite strains so fortunately I don’t get too put off by the brown pistils. I like em personally haha!
It was really around the brown spotting and yellowing of the leaves and when looking closer (pics may not indicate) the leaves appeared swollen so I think it’s like you said- the natural lifecycle and possibly mixed with a case of being a noobie and overwatering. Most important was to get through first grow and learn as much as I can. Looking forward to the harvest and curing process. As long as it tastes good and gets me high, that’s what matters as the end goal!

I just started a couple of Girl Scout cookie and zkittles autos. Do you recommend any others which you’ve found to be fairly easy grows with good yield?

Im still on my 1st grow but I might sneak in a quick jack herer because I like sativa dominants

Nice. Kinda waxy looking.