How did it turned hermie and why?

Hi I received this order in June many have been successful but I have now had a total of four that won’t flower. All The conditions are correct but they just grow into big bushes that take over. And do you have any suggestions on how to avoid this. Thanks j

Are you growing indoors if so look for light leaks that might be interrupting dark time and some pics would help


If youre growing outside they wont flower till weather & amount of light tells them to

Hermie or no flowering at all? They are different quandaries.
Light Leaks are a problem for both indoor and outdoor growers. If you have light leak problems perhaps growing Auto-Flower plants would be a good choice for you. They flower by time rather than changes in light. There are some awesome Auto seeds in the shop here.

If plants are healthy, and it is not a bad deficiency not allowing it to flower, you must consider there is a problem with your lights.

They are autos. I have four in tent two have flowers but two just keep growing more leaves. This happened with two others this summer also.

Sometimes autos need a little help triggering them into flower. You can run autos on 12/12 and they will be fine and it might trigger the other 2 to start flowering. Sometimes some auto strains take longer to flower too and maybe those 2 just haven’t hit that time in their lifecycle yet

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I grow autos and my first one took well over 2 months to flower. The good part about that is the final bounty was very good. The bigger the plant before it starts flowering, the bigger the final outcome. As MattyBear said, sometimes they need some help triggering the flower stage, and sometimes they are just slow. I would like it if the created the Auto’s not to flower until at least week 6; so the auto’s were bigger producers.

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Ya I thought about that just didn’t know if that would be unproductive for the other two. But I’ll try it thanks!