How delicate are our seedlings?

Hello all… I have built a grow room in my shed. Have controls on humidity and heat and AC. I started some seed via paper towel method. All sprouted next day. Used plastic bag on cup. Took the plastic bag off cup. All looked good. Next morning all were dead. The heat and humidity were all in range. But the temp and humidity did vary. Temperature varied as much as 10 degrees and humidity varied almost 20%. Has anyone dealt with these variables? Just looking for general thoughts. I m going around and sealing things up better. And maybe start the seedlings inside for the first two weeks…

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The range of temperature and humidity that hemp will grow is actually quite large. That doesn’t mean it won’t suffer under extremes, but it is a very hardy plant. Once you make it through the seedling stage, lower temps won’t be a problem. As for humidity. keep it below 55% to combat mold and mildew.

Good luck and happy growing…

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Most often when seedlings die it’s due to over watering. What are your temps? And watering practices?


How much light were they under?

Around 250 PAR–

That’s fairly high for a seedling. Try around half that.

To me it sounds like the domes where taken off to quick and they weren’t accustomed to the new environment id recommend either 1. Not using domes or 2. Poking holes in the domes or bag to allow airflow and get them accustomed to not having such high humidity within the bag/dome they need to be harden off if they are use to very high humidity conditions and then its taken away instantly it can cause issues such as so

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