How cold is too cold during flower?

At what temp does it start to hinder the plant? I’ve read you should have a 10-15° temp difference during the 12/12 light cycle. Where I live, this time of year we get about 67° high during the day and 43° low at night. Should I bring her in at night? This is my first outdoor uncontrolled grow, around 4th week of flower, all advice appreciated :slight_smile:

At that cold temps, I’d bring her in.


Cold slows it down but just as long as it doesn’t freeze you should be good. But as @Nicky stated, probably be best to bring in


I didn’t say that but sounds like the right move thanks for the credit @HornHead haha

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Alright cool, I’ll definitely keep her in during those colder nights. I had the gut feeling she was a little too cold out there.

All the above recommendations are good

While the temps themselves aren’t too bad, the lack of warmth will slow the flowering down to almost nothing, and nightly lows like that encourage molds and mildews to form.

Just be sure they get complete darkness during lights out, and try to keep them in as much direct sunlight as possible during the day.