How cold is too cold 4 my girls

All summer they’ved thrived, avoided poachers and bad guys. Now I’m worried about the weather. We saw 37 degrees F this morning. My 3 years growing experience is still learning. The girls are in week 6 and still happy. Thanks for your Preformatted texttime, experience and help.

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From what I’ve read, they should be ok all the way down to freezing temps as long as it’s for a short period, so you should be ok.

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Thanks, that’s what my instinct said but I’m getting itchy now. :sunglasses:


Down in the mid 30s last night here as well. The plants will do fine with a light frost. When you hear heavy or killer frost make sure you cover them.

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Thanks, much appreciated :smile_cat:

They can handle some frost and freezing temps
But as @raustin state not for prolonged periods
Im in the NE and know of growers who have had them out durning early snow storms (not planned) and they did fine
If you know theres a frost warning coming covering them with burlap at night will help keep frost off the leaves and prevent tissue damage
You acn also try raising them off the ground if in pots since frost and cold air is always closer to the ground


Greetings from the Green Mountain state, gets chilly early, up here in the north country. I’m more worried about the wind, and heavy downpours this week, next week I’ll worry about the cold. It always seems like there is something to worry about. Still, I’m having a good time talking care of my Queen.

She is really looking good !! OH and you have quite an impressive grow going on yourself.


She’s beautiful. Every year there is a learning curve for me and it gets better and better!