How cold is to cold

How cold can a mj plant take if it never sees any frost?

65 is pretty chilly, 50 is probably cold as they would be ok with, just at a guess but if say as long as it’s above 50 with no wind you should be fine. Buy some Vodoo heat? Designed to help plants in cold conditions, they have some for high temps 83F plus and my plants get up to 95F and are still doing fine… So honestly, it’s worth the investment.



Good advice McLovin thumb



I don’t worry about temps til 85 high side and 50 low side . Lower temps will being out the purple and blues

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What is Vodoo Heat ? @McLovin777… Sounds like a hot sauce on chicken wings


Well I moved mine last year in about -20c -4f to a space which sat in the high 40’s to mid 50’s during dark cycle they survived and kinda grew? certainly not the best it was more like surviving than growing :wink: Think the saving grace was in hydro and had res heaters which kept roots above 60’s


Thanks for the input all

I’m trying to help the cold issue by running my lights during the night plus that’s when elect is at its cheapest too. And during the day the get early afternoon temp so they are staying near 73 with the lights on and 63 was the low last night

Vitalink heat is for cold temps I have vitalink cool and my plants are fine at 90F


They are indoors but in a unheated garage so I don’t want to wate to long to figure something out epically with this weird aug Sept weather I was not expecting to do anything until Oct or Nov but now it’s looking like I may need to figure something out sooner lol

For now I’m thinking about building a plastic room that me and a friend can just pick it up and set it over the boxes. That’s one ideal the other is I have 2 doors that lead to my garage and one of them is in a corner that Noone can see from outside. BUT I can bu old a plastic room and open the door and that would heat it too, but will require either tearing apart the boxes to move them or buying a tent which is what I’m thinking about doing. I think I could get away with running 1 less led light

For helping plants thrive when it drops below 5 C… chill is for 83F plus

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Check my grow and know it’s been 80F lights off when I’m LUCKY. this shit works.


Thanks bro, noob becoming a trooper slowly but surely.

Thx for the info brother @McLovin777… I had a little laugh because I saw the 6-251-140… Which is the part number but I thought it was the NPK … Holy crap … Lol

") check my new pics zo, I was told I couldn’t grow in temps above 85F… Check em! It works.


@Sirsmokes get a tent. You’ll love yourself for it. We built ours using 2x4s and Mylar sheeting. We saved about $50 but it lacks some things I’ll probably end up spending more than $50 to Macgyver into it.

Yes that’s what I’m thinking too. I like having the inlet and outlets for ducting and like I said I can cut back a light and it will will give me the height I need and make the heating less of a issue

Or get Vodoo chill cough cough :1st_place_medal:


Wow your plants look fargin awesome dude @McLovin777… So you temps are real high right now?.. Do you add vitalink to soil or foliar?.. May buy the heat product… Have you used the heat product or know of my one who has? Sorry for all the ?'s